10 Examples of Professional Brand Design!

What makes a logo a professional brand?

Firstly the logo design is an important part of the brand and if it is well designed, by a designer that knows how to grab the audiences attention and communicate a message it should do well as a brand.  But for the logo to become a professional brand, the company must market their brand, through their products/services but also through professional brand identity items such as a website, vehicle signs, stationery such as – business cards, letterheads, with compliment slips and envelopes.  Then also through other items like brochures, flyers or even television if that is something that is viable for the company.

To become a professional well known brand, the brand’s identity or overall look should be carried through every marketing practice that the business takes.  A common mistake is assuming that a company has completed the task of a business identity once they have their logo designed.  In fact the logo design is the beginning, the foundation and then the company must build the brand from there.  Managing brand identity should be carried out whether the company is small, medium or large, you can never be too professional.

Below are examples of good branding:

1. Webank – Brand

web bank brand professional example


2. Sandbox – Brand

sandbox brand professional example


3. 3 – Brand

3 brand professional example

4. Diligo – Brand

dilingo brand professional example

5. Couv – Brand

couv brand professional example

6. Vancouver Abstract Museum -Brand

vancouver abstract museum brand professional example
7. Tree House Hotel

tree house hotel brand professional example

8. Loft

loft brand professional example

9. CXI – Brand

cxi brand professional example

10. The George – Brand

the george brand professional example

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Looking to get a professional branding package created? it is important that you select a designer that will create effective designs that will help you reach your business goal.

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