15+ Creative Advertising Posters

Great advertising can be creative, smart, inspirational, scary or funny!

When companies need to get the attention of their audience they need to capture their imagination, their funny side or show that they have something in common with their customers.  Marketing is very important for every business, a business without marketing is really non existent.  To start with businesses develop a branding strategy and then once they have established their branding all of their marketing is strategised to suit their company, their advertising is developed to appeal to their audience.

Also featuring on this post are great environmental advertisements, these ads are really inspirational, we hope everyone can learn from seeing these great environmentally educational ads.  If you believe in having a clean planet and appreciate animals, do not litter, having seen a magpie with one of those plastic beer rings on its neck, just like the penguin had on the movie Happy Feet and it wasn’t funny.  The poor bird could have gotten caught on a tree branch and could have been strangled or worse.  This is why we have added some environmental ads here also.

Enjoy these very Creative and funny Advertisements

Making Road by OHL
print media advertisements

Do you know how much you really spend on cigarettes? by Tabaconomia
tabaconomia tobacco creative advertisements

Is this what you expect to find in the sea? neither do the fishes.  By OndAzul
environmental creative  advertisement by OndAzul

Because life makes wrinkles by Nivea
Nivea Men life wrinkles Car

Animals can’t be recycled, Please don’t litter by Joburg Zoo
Because life makes wrinkles by Nivea
creative print ads

Animals can’t be recycled, Please don’t litter by Joburg Zoo
joburg please don't litter

Precision Parking, Park Assist by Volkswagen
hedgehog and fish Volkswagen creative ad

Escape by Harley Davidson
harley davidson bikes escape kids

There’s more play in a pet by SPCA
creative advertising ideas spca malaysia

‘No matter what you throw in your stomach, Pink’s got you covered.’ by Pepto-Bismol

Phonies can cause serious damage by Chevrolet
creative advertising idea Chevrolet

Go by Visa
creative advertising Visa

No cages, all fun by  Zoo Safari
zoo safari creative advertising

Cesar Dog Food – Reads: He/She might look like you.  But he/she doesn’t have to eat the same food.

More power than ever vacuum cleaner
funny dog ad vacuum cleaner


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