20 Incredibly Funny Print Ads

Here’s something fun to look at.  When marketing products and services, sometimes companies choose to find the funny side of people by communicating with them in a hilarious way.  Here is a list, enjoy!

1. Bad Breath
DENTAstix, our dog loves these, he’ll do anything for one of these, seriously this does help when he has terrible bad breath, this is why we don’t have a bird.  Very funny ad, poor tweedy bird.

Denta stix against bad breath funny advertisement

2. Ambulance
Bad breath that kills? well maybe this ad will be useful for you.. just kidding! unless you really need it? look at the picture and find out how to cure your bad breath.

person with bad breath in Ambulance, a mouth wash product funny ad

3. Jumbo Peanut Choking
Jumbo peanut? it must be if an elephant is choking on it, right?.  Another funny ad for you!

Kayaking jumbo peanuts, funny elephant choking on peanut

4. Extra Sharp
So sharp that it cuts your cutting board, make sure you test it on your old cutting board first! very funny.

The Sharp WMF gourmet knife with damasteel blade funny ad

5. Fast internet Access
Incredibly fast internet access that can save your life, that would be useful!  Very smart ad!

fast internet access Ephone 900 to help dodge a snakebite funny ad

6. Extra Light
For an extra light, upside down taste?  if nothing goes into your glass you should be able to enjoy an extra light drink right?  Nice ad.

extra light upside down taste by Coca Cola funny ad

7. Cat Working Hard
If only they could clean up their own mess? but they have us to do it for them.  Nice ad from RSPCA.

RPCA hard working cat funny ad

8. Before and After Shave
Wow, what a difference.  Nice ad from Braun.
Braun brings out the human in men funny ad
9. No Sugar
No sugar, no ants! By Chupa Chups.
chupa chups funny ad
10. Electricity Can Be Deadly
Like  cobra.. by Epcor

Cobra electricity safety funny ad
11. Stronger teeth for your Dog
A sausage dog with strong teeth.  By Pedigree.

stronger dog teeth funny pedigree advertisement
12. Dogs Lining up
Wow, that’s a lot of dogs.  Nice ad from Purina.
funny purina advertisement
13. Hot Fish
Poor fish, the heater is too good.  By Bajaj Room Heaters.
funny Fish tank ad
14. Loaf Dog
You are what you eat, that’s right! By Lifebuoy.
life buoy dog funny ad you are what you eat

15. Will Work for Food Frog
Wow, poor frog.  Nice ad from SBP.
funny frog ad reads will work for food by SBP
16. Tiger and Dog
Wow, back to life batteries.  Nice ad from Kodak.
kodak funny ad
17. Flexible Toothbrush
Nice flexibility.
aqua fresh flexi gel new flexibility funny tooth brush ad
18. Real Zoom
Another funny ad! by Olympus
Olympus 2 binoculars funny ad
19. Soft Wrestling
Nice softness, “when you are wrestling”.
Wrestling funny fabric softner advertisement
20. Lion Style
Wow, nice hairstyle Mr Lion.  By Timotei.
funny Lion print ad

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