20 Interesting Electrical logos

We have compiled a great collection of Electrical themed logo designs for your inspiration.  The logos are related to electrical contractors, green energy companies, electrical engineering companies and more.

Here are 20 Interesting Electrical logos, enjoy!


This modern logo is to the point, it communicates a message in a simple way that’s just right.  The designer has created a light globe from the business name which is very smart and creative.

yellow Villux electric logo design featuring light bulb


Ward Electric
This logo design is called an ‘enclosure logo’ and it is illustrative and creative, it simply displays what the company is about with a power cord and an electric current shape.

Ward electric logo design featuring power cord


A simple logo featuring a power cord that represents this modern looking electrical company.

yellow electric contractor logo design featuring power cord


This is a corporate style logo in one colour and it is very simple but just beautiful and to the point, this is a great example of how a simple logo is designed, it works well and is versatile.

Omega electric logo design inspiration



Power electric logo design



Energo Green Systems Logo

Energy electric logo design


Light Logo

yellow electric logo design featuring light bulb



orange Power electric logo design inspiration


Key Logic

black Key electric logo design


MC Electric

yellow energy electric logo design


Moon Brite

electric logo design featuring moon and light bulb


Thomas Electric

electric logo design with circles and light bulb


Burnett Electrical

electric logo featuring power cord and plug



Ed’s Electric

electric company logo design featuring power plug



electric logo design featuring power cord and plug


Eco Ideas Logo



Titans Electrical Workshop Logo

electric logo design featuring power plug


Urban Electric Logo

orange electric logo design featuring power plug


Modern Electrical Logo

light blue electric logo design lightning


Bright Minds

electric logo design featuring light bulb


Images sourced from: Electricology, Hello LED: www.designyoutrust.com, Modern Electrical: www.sixrevisions.com, Ward Electric, Electrick,  Titans, Electric Smiling, Ed’s Electric, Villux, Thomas Electric, Eco Ideas, Eco Notable, Urban Electric, Omega, Power Plus, Key Logic, Energo,  Burnett Electrical, MC Electric, Moon Brite and Light: www.webneel.com


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