25 Amazing Websites with Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling on websites is an amazing thing, it is just beautiful, it makes them much more interesting.  If you don’t like scrolling when you enter a website or when you are surfing the web, you will now!

Now that there’s Parallax Scrolling, scrolling has gotten much more interesting, you just can’t help yourself and you’ll want to scroll.  Parallax Scrolling has been available for years on games and just recently became popular on website design.  Parallax or ‘Parallaxis’ in Greek means ‘alteration’.  We have put together a collection of 25 Amazing Websites with Parallax Scrolling.


Lets Get Wild | http://whois.wildlife.la
Lets Get Wild Parallax Website


NH Hotels | http://www.nh-hotels.com/winter-holidays
NH Hotels Parallax Website

Honda CR-V  | http://crv.honda.com.au
Honda CR-V Parallax Website


FK Agency | http://fk-agency.com/
FK Agency Parallax Website

Drug Treatment | 

Drug Treatment Parallax Website

Asics | http://www.stopatnever.com/
Asics Parallax Website

Marcus Thomas | http://www.marcusthomasllc.com
Marcus Thomas Parallax Website

Molecule | http://www.tokyu-agc.co.jp/recruit/2013/special/
Molecule Parallax Website

LaTorre | http://www.ascensionlatorre.com/es/home
LaTorre Parallax Website

Krystalrae | http://krystalrae.com
Krystalrae Parallax Website

Ala | http:ala.ch
Ala Parallax Website

Anna Safroncik | http://annasafroncik.it/
Anna Safroncik Parallax Website

Whiteboard | http://whiteboard.is/
Whiteboard Parallax Website

Net Lash | http://www.netlash-bseen.be/
Net Lash Parallax Website


Catilever | http://www.cantilever-chippy.co.uk/
Catilever Parallax Website

D-essai \ http://www.manufacturedessai.it/it/
D-Essai Parallax Website

Unfold | http://unfold.no/
Unfold Parallax Website

Iutopi | http://www.iutopi.com/
Iutopi parallax website

Web is beautiful | http:www.beautifulexplorer.com
Web is Beautiful Parallax Website

Intacto 10 Years | http://www.intacto10years.com/index_start.php
Intacto 10 Years Parallax Website


Air Jordan | http://www.nike.com/jumpman23/aj2012/
Air Jordan Parallax Website

Bagigia | http://www.bagigia.com/
Bagigia Parallax Website

Lois Jeans | http://www.loisjeans.com/web2012/es
Lois Jeans Parallax Website

Sacouny | http://community.saucony.com/kinvara3/
Sacouny Parallax Website

Range Rover | http://victoriabeckham.landrover.com/
Range Rover Parallax Website

Image source: http://www.awwwards.com

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A website is kind of like a flyer or a brochure but with the difference that it is online, it is a set of pages that are located under one domain name and hosted by a server.  Having a new website online does not mean that you are going to be immediately selling your products and services and be overwhelmed with sales just because it is online.  To have a chance at having a great website that is visited by many you will need online marketing or SEO.  So make sure that you choose a web designer that understands how to give your website an advantage.  A great web developer understands how to code a website correctly to give it the best chance of ranking higher on Google and other search engines.

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