25 Free Modern WordPress Themes

Are you looking for a FREE WordPress Theme? you may have found it!! see our list of 25 Free Modern WordPress Themes below. It does not matter if you are a blogger, a business, a photographer or an electrician, there will be a WordPress theme for you!


1. Balloons WordPress Theme

balloons WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://moargh.de/portfolio/downloads/wp-theme-balloons/


2. Beauty WordPress Theme

beauty WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://www.freeminimalwptheme.com/


3. Appz WordPress Theme

Appz WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://www.themeshaker.com/design-blog/post/appz-a-free-wordpress-theme-to-show-off-your-new-iphone-app


4. DW Timeline WordPress Theme

DW Timeline free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://www.designwall.com/wordpress/themes/dw-timeline/


5. Landscape WordPress Theme

Landscape free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/landscape



6. Zenon WordPress Theme

Zenon free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://www.towfiqi.com/zenon-lite-free-wordpress-theme.html


7. Fruitful WordPress Theme

fruitful free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/fruitful


8. Highwind WordPress Theme

high wind WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/highwind


9. Vintage Camera WordPress Theme

vintage camera WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/vintage-camera


10. iFeature WordPress Theme


ifeature WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/ifeature


11. Hyper Space WordPress Theme

hyperspace WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://www.ufothemes.com/themes/hyperspace/


12. Responsive WordPress Theme

responsive WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/responsive


13. Stripes and Blue WordPress Theme

stripes and blue WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/stripes-and-blue


14. Workality WordPress Theme

workality WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://www.workality.ca/themes/workality


15. Great WordPress Theme

great WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=Great


16. WordPress Theme

Customizr WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://www.webdesignrazzi.com/l.php?http://www.designwall.com/wordpress/themes/dw-timeline/


17. Corpo WordPress Theme

Corpo free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/corpo

18. Isis WordPress Theme

isis free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/isis

19. Virtue WordPress Theme

Virtue free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/virtue
20. Sixteen WordPress Theme

Sixteen free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/sixteen

21. Nictitate WordPress Theme

Nictitate free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/nictitate

22. MH Magazine WordPress Theme

MH Magazine lite WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/mh-magazine-lite
23. WordPress Theme

Inkness WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/inkness
24. Vantage WordPress Theme

Vantage WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/vantage
25. Attitude WordPress Theme

Attitude WordPress Theme

Demo and Download: http://wordpress.org/themes/attitude


At the time of publication the themes are free.  The theme developers offer these themes for free and they may change that at their own discretion, this is out of our control.  If any themes you find here are not free and we know of them we will replace them with free themes.  We have placed links to these free themes, we check to see if links are still active over time but we do appreciate if readers can let us know if there are any broken links, thank you.

This is a resource page only, we are not the creators of these themes and any information should be acquired by visiting the authors website by following the link provided under the image.

Thanks, if you like this please comment below or comment and link to us from your blog, website, social media site etc.  And please remember to respect our conditions of use.

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