30 Funny and Creative Street Advertisements

Creating effective ad campaigns can be the difference between success and failure.  The one’s who dare to be creative, daring and smart can get an amazing result! incredible exposure or even fame and fortune!

Street advertising needs to be eye-catching, it needs to grab the persons attention, almost stealing their attention, because people that are on the street are usually travelling somewhere like work, home or a fun place.  Most people may not be in a mind set of buying products or looking at signs but if the sign is funny or it looks realistic and is eye-catching it will instantly grab the attention of the person and then you have been successful and your ad works!

30 Funny and Creative Street Advertisements

1. All you can eat Rest Stop.  Smart idea! This is a new way of doing advertising and it has a funny twist to it.  You see? this is a great example of how to really grab the attention that you want when advertising your products/services, by eating them!

Old timer All you can eat rest stop funny street advertisement

2. Coop’s Paints.  Now this a really creative ad! They have painted the town Lime Green! Coop’s lime green off course!

Coop's Paints funny street advertisement

3. Mobility for Everyone.  A smart way of communicating your message! using reality to display a marketing message! this is a really fast wheel chair!

mobility for everyone funny street advertisement

4. Belt Up Ad.  Now this is another funny but creative ad.

Belt up Ad funny street advertisement

5. Law and order.  This advertisement gets you into the feeling of the ad! a very creative and smart ad.

Law in Order funny street advertisement

6. Skin Cancer Ad.  An ad that gives you a try of a sample of their product, on the spot.  Very, very smart!

Skin Cancer funny street advertisement

7. Nose Trimmer Ad.  Have really long nose hair! here’s your solution, this ad should grab your attention!

Nose trimmer funny street advertisement

8. Visa Ad.  That’s a great ad that will grab the attention of hungry customers!

Visa funny street advertisement

9. Auckland Transport Ad.  How kids see the road! nice point of view! this is a nice ad that puts you into the perspective of children!

Auckland Transport funny street advertisement

10. Floralp Butter Ad.  A slice of bread that’s been eaten, smart again.  It shows that only the area with butter was eaten, see!

Floralp butter funny street advertisement

11. FedEx VS UPS.  Well, we think you should just be the judge of this one!

FedEx VS UPS funny street advertisement

12. Ikea Ad.  Nice lounge room! on a billboard! smart but funny ad, looks real but is it?

Ikea Billboard funny and creative street advertisement

13. Prestige Omega.  That’s different, unique, smart and funny, oh and huge!  What a creative ad!

prestige omega creative street advertisement

14. Mc Donald’s Ad.  On the street as the pedestrian crossing.  Nice fries!

mc donald's creative street advertisement

15. The Economist.  Smart, simple just ‘on’ and ‘off’.

the economist on funny and creative street advertisement

the economist off funny and creative street advertisement

16. Altschul Orthodontics.  Now, this is really funny, see the before and after effect?  Now that’s sense of humour!

Altschul Orthodontics funny and creative street advertisement

17. The Kids Who Could Fly.  Scared of heights? This is very high advertising! or not! but be careful, don’t fall of the edge now!

the kids who could fly creative street advertisement

18. Fulgers.  Like coffee? this ad will make you want to have coffee!

fulgers funny street advertisement

19. Coca-Cola and Bellantine’s 3D Ads.  Here are really creative ads and they are 3D now this guy is really talented! he’s name is Julian Beever every one!

Coca Cola funny street advertisement



20. Memorial for Pedestrians.  This is really nice and in the creative and inspirational category, its a pedestrian crossing with many, many names printed in it as a memorial and awareness of pedestrians who have been road victims.

Memorial for pedestrians creative and inspirational street advertisement

21. Silberman’s Fitness Center.  A simple yet effective ad, this one should not only grab your attention it should give you a lift!

silberman's fitness centre very funny street advertisement

22. Cingular.  This one is famous by the looks of it! if people get their photo taken next to your advertisement then it has worked! right?

Cingular funny street advertisement

23. The Day After Tomorrow.  Here’s a realistic insight to what the makers of this ad for the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ want to communicate.

The day after tomorrow movie creative and funny street advertisement

24. Nail Polish Ad. This one is 3D, real, right there!! how smart is that?

nail polish funny and creative street advertisement

25. Mondo Pasta.  Like pasta? here is another creative ad, where reality is mixed with ink.

mondo pasta funny and creative street advertisement

26. Nike.  Now this one is incredibly realistic and creative, so much so that they even ruined a BMW?

nike funny and creative street advertisement

nike football on top of bmw car funny and creative street advertisement

27. FedEx Kinkos.  They bring their products to you! in this ad.

FedEx Kinkos funny and creative street advertisement

28. Real HipHop.  This ad is really funny, see for yourself..

Bus stop funny and creative street advertisement


bus stop afro hair funny and creative street advertisement

29.  Amnesty International Ad.  A serious but very impressive and creative ad! The sign reads: “Thousands are held prisoner for their beliefs in places worse than this, write until you free them all.”

amnesty international ad creative and inspirational advertisement

30. Melbourne’s “Bin Your Butts” Ad.  That’s right, did you know that a cigarette butt takes approx. 12 years to disintegrate! its a serious matter! no laughing here!

bin your butts creative street advertisement

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