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How to communicate with your graphic designer – in 4 simple steps

Logoland design blog, Melbourne

How to communicate with your graphic designer – in 4 simple steps This guide will help you make the most of your graphic design project.  Ensuring that you are providing your graphic designer or website designer with the right information is crucial if you want your project to go well and end well.  Here are our best tips on how to communicate with your graphic designer. But before we go on to tell you how to Read More →

1300 Anonymous logo for Crime Stoppers

1300 Anonymous is a brand that was designed in 2015 by Logoland Australia.  The 1300 anonymous brand is a branch of Crime Stoppers Queensland.  1300 Anonymous is an Australian service provided by Crime Stoppers and was designed to minimise corruption and misconduct within any business or organisation.     What 1300 Anonymous does 1300 Anonymous is an independent and accessible reporting service providing 24/7 hotline and web based reporting.  It is an Australian contact centre Read More →

Iconic Australian Brands

vegemite iconic Australian Brand

Iconic Australian Brands If you lived or were born in Australia you probably grew up seeing these iconic Australian brands.  Seeing them on TV, on catalogues, billboards, ads and at your local supermarket.  These brands became iconic because people liked the product, they bought it and their names became well known.  Some of these Australian Iconic Brands even became known across the Globe like Fosters which is actually not Australian owned any more, it is Read More →

Pizza Hut’s New Logo

pizza hut re branding logo

Pizza Hut’s New Logo In the News and all over the news we have read and heard about the new modified Pizza Hut Logo. What’s the fuzz about? Pizza Hut have a brand new more simplified version of their logo now, a more relaxed and down to Earth version. What does Pizza Hut’s New Logo say about them? That they want to be modern and attract a young audience or today’s people, they probably also want to Read More →

Different Logo Design Styles

nike brand mark style logo design

Which logo style should you choose for your business? Depending on who designs your logo, you may be able to outline which style you prefer or you can leave this up to your logo designer.  If you don’t really know what the main logo design styles are or how to tell the difference, below is a guide to different logo design styles and some suggestions as to which styles fit which type of businesses. 1. Read More →

Modern Vintage Logos that Inspire

modern vintage stone art logo

Vintage can be elegant and beautiful when it is done correctly.  Vintage style logos can be used by companies such as cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, any business that sells vintage style products, antique shops, bakeries and many other businesses.  There are some really nice vintage logos around and they can be really nice to look at.  If you are fan of vintage and elegant logos you may like this post.  These vintage logos feature an older Read More →

The best logo design inspiration on Pinterest!

logo design inspiration from Pinterest

In these days it has become easier for graphic designers to be able to conduct their necessary research that is crucial to be able to develop a unique and better brand for their clients.  When a logo designer creates a logo they first conduct research by looking at other designs, this is where ideas are born and a great designer will not copy but learn from what they see and create their own unique and Read More →

Brand Creation and Logo Design – How does it work?

Professional brand style guide

When a business brand is developed this involves the design of the logo to begin with, as the logo is the most important part of the brand creation it is important that this is created first.  A common mistake that business owners make is that they choose to have their website or business cards designed first.  In fact since the logo is the identity of the business and the way the company identifies itself, the logo should be created Read More →

17 FIFA World Cup Logos

Enjoy our showcase of the last 17 FIFA Football World Cup Logos, including the Brazil 2014 World Cup Logo. The FIFA Football World Cup, its world famous and fanatics from all over the world visit the place where the football competition is held.  Known as ‘Football’ or sometimes ‘Soccer’, it is beautiful exciting game that gives many people hopes, happiness, excitement and passion.  This year 2014 is the FIFA World Cup and it is held Read More →

30 wonderful charity logos

Non profit organisations or charities help people as well as animals in need. These days charities need a professional logo and branding as well as a website to be able to promote trust as businesses do. As they need peoples support and donations trust is a big factor. So whenever you can, support a charity it will make you feel better and you will be helping someone or some little creature like a cat or Read More →