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20 Interesting Electrical logos

We have compiled a great collection of Electrical themed logo designs for your inspiration.  The logos are related to electrical contractors, green energy companies, electrical engineering companies and more. Here are 20 Interesting Electrical logos, enjoy!   Villux This modern logo is to the point, it communicates a message in a simple way that’s just right.  The designer has created a light globe from the business name which is very smart and creative.   Ward Electric Read More →

20 Cat Logo Designs

Cats are one of our favourite pets.  Cats can be really beautiful and sometimes really annoying but we love them.  Whether you like cats or not, you can still admire these incredible logos for inspiration.  We have put together as many great cat logos that we could find, some are cute, others are cool logo designs and others are smart. Now to the story of cats! Cats were domesticated by the Ancient Egyptians.  Cats are Read More →

20 Fantastic Train Logo Designs for Inspiration

A train is a form of rail transport consisting of a series of carriages.  The first commercial train was built in 1812.  Before this there were other types of railway locomotives in existence like Wagonways that were used for mining purposes. The first steam trains were small 4 wheeled vehicles.  By the 1850’s many steam-powered railways had reached the fringes of built-up London.  By 1876 Canada had the longest railway in the world linked to Read More →

Airplane Logo Design for your Inspiration

Airplanes come in different shapes and sizes, the use of airplanes varies between leisure, transportation of goods and people, military and research.  The first airplane was invented in the late 19th century.  Before that there were other forms of transportation like trains.  There are some very interesting train logos for inspiration. Today, we create beautiful logos, they can be fresh and give you the feeling that you are free,  free to go on holiday! Some Read More →

20 Creative Bicycle Logo designs

  A Bicycle is often called a Bike.  The very first bikes were introduced in the 19th century in Europe and today they are used every day for commuting, utility cycling and even for mail delivery in city areas.  Bicycles are an environmentally friendly way to get around.  Unlike cars they don’t pollute our air and they are also an economical way to get around. Bicycles are used by cyclists mostly as a hobby and Read More →

A logo design history

  A brief history of  logo design… Where did logo design start? Logos have existed long before the Coca-Cola logo, they have existed for thousands of years, they have evolved quite significantly but logos were used even by Ancient Egyptians.  Ancient Egyptians branded their animals with hieroglyphs to mark their ownership. Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Image source: www.ritournelleblog.com There is a coin in existence that bears the head of a roaring lion with sun rays over Read More →

How to select the right designer for your logo?

When it comes to effective logo design a great designer that understands marketing, communication and is creative can help a great deal. Image source: www.logoland.com.au A well-designed logo means it has to be effective, it needs to work for the business that it represents. The logo has to be communicate the businesses’ message and be memorable. The logos should look well in most usable sizes and it needs to look well in colour and in Read More →

30 Logo Designs that use Wordplay

  Firstly, What is Wordplay? Wordplay is when the designer uses the name of the logo to communicate the company’s message.  The logo’s text is turned into something amazing and creative, giving the audience a lovely logo to look at.  The logo is simple, creative, smart and uncomplicated.  This is when a message is communicated in a smart way to visually show what the meaning is.  If you like simplicity, creativeness and appreciate smart design Read More →

Six Years of Pantone Colour Trends

Just in case…  Colour in Australia, Color in America, its all the same but we are an Australian based design blog, therefore we spell color as colour, with a ‘u’… Now to our post! Six Years of Pantone Colour Trends The following is a year by year Pantone Colour Trends  Report for a 5 year period and also what the outlook is for the 2014 Pantone colour trend! 1. 2013 year colour trends   2013 was Read More →