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10 Examples of Professional Brand Design!

What makes a logo a professional brand? Firstly the logo design is an important part of the brand and if it is well designed, by a designer that knows how to grab the audiences attention and communicate a message it should do well as a brand.  But for the logo to become a professional brand, the company must market their brand, through their products/services but also through professional brand identity items such as a website, Read More →

Brandmarks Explained

Brandmarks include an almost infinite variety of shapes and personalities.  Brandmarks can be assigned to a number of different categories.  These categories range from literal through to symbolic.  Brandmarks can be made up of words or images.  New exciting brandmarks are created each day! So what is a Brandmark? The brandmark is a logo design, a logo, a brand created to represent a company or organisation. A designer will analyse the company, its products/services and Read More →

Logo Design Styles

Understanding logo design styles, what does this mean? What style of logo would you like? This is a question that graphic design companies will normally ask their clients in their creative brief or at some stage before they commence the design of your logo design project. So that you don’t get confused as to which styles are normally named we have outlined as many styles and provided an example for each style below.  You can Read More →

10 successful brand redesigns

When a logo is created it should last a long time, but time can make the logo look outdated after a decade or so.  A great brand should last a decade or more, a not so well designed brand may need to be updated much sooner. This post outlines 10 examples of logo redesigns where the brand has been successfully improved or modernised. 1. ANZ Bank 2. The Bank of New York   3. Qantas Read More →

Free Logos

Enjoy our totally free logos Please feel free to download any of these vector logos for your business use, these logos are templates and many other businesses will also use them.  Although we provide this free logo option we still recommend that you have a custom logo designed uniquely for your company as it is important to stand out!  To compare our custom logo design packages. Free License Logos The following logos license is a Read More →

Why an effective logo design should not cost under $200

What is a logo? A logo design is the face of the business, this is the business’s identity. Sadly many people do not understand the importance of a professionally designed brand. In this article we will explain what a logo is and what purpose it serves. The logo design in a large part is the brand of the business but the brand begins with the logo. Why free logos and cheap logos are bad? The Read More →

Effective Branding

What is effective branding? A brand consists of a number of important media items such as – 1. A logo design, a logo that is effective, simple, easy to read, easy to understand and memorable. 2. A set of Stationery Items or Brand Identity also called Business Identity, a set of stationery including a letterhead, envelope, with compliment slip and business card, other items that should be considered are a professional invoice, brochure and electronic Read More →

Principles of Effective Logo Design

What separates an effective logo design from a non-effective logo design? A good Logo Design is simple, creative and memorable, if it is easy to reproduce it is memorable.  The logo serves its purpose and communicates the message that you want to communicate to your target market group without necessarily being too obvious, the way it communicates your message is simple and abstract.  A great logo design is appropriate for all uses whether it may be a Read More →

What is the advantage of having a logo designed online?

For many company owners it proves difficult to find a company that will give them great service and value for money. In the past some new companies paid up to three thousand dollars to have a logo designed and they did not even receive the main source file (Ai) at the end, all they were given were a few jpg and pdf files if they were lucky but now it is much more common for design Read More →