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What is the advantage of having a logo designed online?

For many company owners it proves difficult to find a company that will give them great service and value for money. In the past some new companies paid up to three thousand dollars to have a logo designed and they did not even receive the main source file (Ai) at the end, all they were given were a few jpg and pdf files if they were lucky but now it is much more common for design Read More →

Logo design process.

The process into designing a logo includes a number of steps.   To be able to design a professional logo a design company should have a procedure to follow in designing a professional logo for a client.  The main aim is to be organised and provide the client with a trouble free process. Step 1- Creative brief The creative brief is important to be able to determine the needs of the company including the target market, what their Read More →

The purpose of a logo and its design

A logo is a symbol of a company. A logo is a way for a company to introduce themselves, it is like a shop front.  Without a shop front you don’t know that there is a genuine shop behind the window.  Companies also need to show their difference between themselves and their competitors, this is when a unique logo plays an important role. The way the logo is created and why it is created as Read More →