Six Years of Pantone Colour Trends

Just in case…  Colour in Australia, Color in America, its all the same but we are an Australian based design blog, therefore we spell color as colour, with a ‘u’… Now to our post! Six Years of Pantone Colour Trends The following is a year by year Pantone Colour Trends  Report for a 5 year period and also what the outlook is for the 2014 Pantone colour trend! 1. 2013 year colour trends   2013 was Read More →

How our eyes see colour

To understand colour better, it is important to understand how our eyes and brain perceive colour.  We see colour everywhere but how do our eyes translate it into an image?  Wavelengths of light come from the sun and they come into contact with the Earth and objects that we see.  These wavelengths are reflected back to our eyes at different frequencies.  Some of the wavelengths that are reflected to the Earth are out of the Read More →

Introduction to Colour

Colour is usually taken for granted, most people do not give colour a thought, even designers sometimes.  Yet why do we not realise what important role colour plays in our everyday lives?  We are made up of different colours, our hair, our eyes, our skin.  Then think of the clothes that we wear and the furniture and items we own.  Isn’t colour everywhere? Everyday we make decisions based on colour, the car we choose to Read More →