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Funny, Weird Old Ads

Asthma Cigarettes old ad

Funny, Weird Old Ads See our collection of weird, funny old ads below.  From cigarettes to drinks and food, ads were plain funny, plain weird and inappropriate in the old days.  See for yourself!  Today advertising is usually much more professional, we don’t use babies to advertise cigarettes, actually cigarettes are not even advertised in Australia any more.  These ads can be classified as funny ads but wait till you see our next post. 1. Dr Read More →

When Advertising Gets Funny

funny doggy weight loss advertisement

Happiness is great, making people laugh is great.  Then when a company has a sense of humour it is even better because we get to see really funny advertising pictures such as the one’s below.  Marketing is a difficult task, companies spend millions on getting their products and services out there and they are always competing with other businesses for the audience’s attention, so it is crucial that they get the attention and then they Read More →

15+ Creative Advertising Posters

Zoo funny advertisement

Great advertising can be creative, smart, inspirational, scary or funny! When companies need to get the attention of their audience they need to capture their imagination, their funny side or show that they have something in common with their customers.  Marketing is very important for every business, a business without marketing is really non existent.  To start with businesses develop a branding strategy and then once they have established their branding all of their marketing Read More →

20+ Funny Advertising Ideas

Funny Frontline dog flees ad

Funny advertising, companies need to get their message across.  It is very difficult to get peoples attention, but when they see something they like or something funny and out of the ordinary it gets their attention. Great visual images accompanied with smart and funny ideas can make a huge difference, almost everyone loves to laugh right?  so funny advertising prints, advertisements and commercials can make a companies product, service and even their brand stand out from Read More →

Funny Truck Ads

A company needs a complete branding strategy and a well designed logo to promote trust and show that they are better and different.  This is something that a free logo design will probably not do, we mention this because free logo searches are incredibly high at the moment, not sure why anyone would like a free logo design where the logo is a common template with no real purpose, take the companies below as an Read More →

30 Funny and Creative Street Advertisements

Creating effective ad campaigns can be the difference between success and failure.  The one’s who dare to be creative, daring and smart can get an amazing result! incredible exposure or even fame and fortune! Street advertising needs to be eye-catching, it needs to grab the persons attention, almost stealing their attention, because people that are on the street are usually travelling somewhere like work, home or a fun place.  Most people may not be in Read More →

20 Funny T-Shirts that you can Buy!

Are you a happy person? like humor? hopefully you do as it’s a great way to spend your day! being happy when ever you can! If you like funny stuff, you may like the funny T-shirts we have listed below, plus you can even visit the link under the image and purchase them from the T-Shirt stores. 20 Funny T-Shirts that you can Buy! Enjoy!   1. Under New Management Funny T-Shirt   Image credits/product: Read More →

20 Incredibly Funny Print Ads

Here’s something fun to look at.  When marketing products and services, sometimes companies choose to find the funny side of people by communicating with them in a hilarious way.  Here is a list, enjoy! 1. Bad Breath DENTAstix, our dog loves these, he’ll do anything for one of these, seriously this does help when he has terrible bad breath, this is why we don’t have a bird.  Very funny ad, poor tweedy bird. 2. Ambulance Read More →