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10 Stunning Label Designs

Creative fruit juice label design

10 Stunning Label Designs Packaging design starts from the moment the brand is designed.  The package or label will most likely suit the brand and complement the brand in a creative way that attracts the consumers attention.  Every aspect of the design must be carefully planned from the colours, to the fonts to the layout.  Some companies may want to make a difference by having something totally unique created so that their product gets maximum Read More →

How to communicate with your graphic designer – in 4 simple steps

Logoland design blog, Melbourne

How to communicate with your graphic designer – in 4 simple steps This guide will help you make the most of your graphic design project.  Ensuring that you are providing your graphic designer or website designer with the right information is crucial if you want your project to go well and end well.  Here are our best tips on how to communicate with your graphic designer. But before we go on to tell you how to Read More →

Modern Vintage Logos that Inspire

modern vintage stone art logo

Vintage can be elegant and beautiful when it is done correctly.  Vintage style logos can be used by companies such as cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, any business that sells vintage style products, antique shops, bakeries and many other businesses.  There are some really nice vintage logos around and they can be really nice to look at.  If you are fan of vintage and elegant logos you may like this post.  These vintage logos feature an older Read More →

When Advertising Gets Funny

funny doggy weight loss advertisement

Happiness is great, making people laugh is great.  Then when a company has a sense of humour it is even better because we get to see really funny advertising pictures such as the one’s below.  Marketing is a difficult task, companies spend millions on getting their products and services out there and they are always competing with other businesses for the audience’s attention, so it is crucial that they get the attention and then they Read More →

15+ Creative Advertising Posters

Zoo funny advertisement

Great advertising can be creative, smart, inspirational, scary or funny! When companies need to get the attention of their audience they need to capture their imagination, their funny side or show that they have something in common with their customers.  Marketing is very important for every business, a business without marketing is really non existent.  To start with businesses develop a branding strategy and then once they have established their branding all of their marketing Read More →

20+ Funny Advertising Ideas

Funny Frontline dog flees ad

Funny advertising, companies need to get their message across.  It is very difficult to get peoples attention, but when they see something they like or something funny and out of the ordinary it gets their attention. Great visual images accompanied with smart and funny ideas can make a huge difference, almost everyone loves to laugh right?  so funny advertising prints, advertisements and commercials can make a companies product, service and even their brand stand out from Read More →

Funny Truck Ads

A company needs a complete branding strategy and a well designed logo to promote trust and show that they are better and different.  This is something that a free logo design will probably not do, we mention this because free logo searches are incredibly high at the moment, not sure why anyone would like a free logo design where the logo is a common template with no real purpose, take the companies below as an Read More →

17 FIFA World Cup Logos

Enjoy our showcase of the last 17 FIFA Football World Cup Logos, including the Brazil 2014 World Cup Logo. The FIFA Football World Cup, its world famous and fanatics from all over the world visit the place where the football competition is held.  Known as ‘Football’ or sometimes ‘Soccer’, it is beautiful exciting game that gives many people hopes, happiness, excitement and passion.  This year 2014 is the FIFA World Cup and it is held Read More →

Top 10 creative infographics

Infographics, the most modern way to show how something works.  Like a service, a products or anything else that needs simple explaining.  Many large and small businesses are using infographics these days to show their process or to provide other step by step information or most commonly to introduce themselves and show what they do in a visual way. Number one is an infographic from Kentico Content a Management System. Image source | Infographics Read More →

Best Affordable and Free Vector Image Websites

Vector images are of high resolution and they do not lose their quality when they are scaled to a larger size.  You can actually enlarge a Vector Image to any size and the quality will remain the same.  Vector images are great for printing and for electronic use.  There’s nothing worse than using low resolution graphics on your design projects, use high resolution vectors, you can either create them or download some. Here are the Best Read More →