Inspire, inspiration, our intention is to provide some ideas and fresh, modern and examples of the work that we find that is inspirational.

30 Logo Designs that use Wordplay

  Firstly, What is Wordplay? Wordplay is when the designer uses the name of the logo to communicate the company’s message.  The logo’s text is turned into something amazing and creative, giving the audience a lovely logo to look at.  The logo is simple, creative, smart and uncomplicated.  This is when a message is communicated in a smart way to visually show what the meaning is.  If you like simplicity, creativeness and appreciate smart design Read More →

Examples of Professional Branding

How do you maintain a consistent brand? If you are having your brand designed or you recently had your brand created it is important to keep in mind that brand consistency or coherence through your marketing is important from your business card to you website to your car signs, it is important to compliment your brand and not to spoil it.  Examples below of great brands and their branding include – Starbucks, FedEx and Apple. Read More →

Packaging Design Inspiration

A brand’s package design should capture the brand’s look.  It should be relevant to today’s consumers. As the brand itself, the packaging’s design should stand out.  The colours should follow the brand’s colours and any other colours added to the packaging design should suit and compliment the brand’s colours. Below are some examples of professional packaging for inspiration: 1. Monopoly Packaging 2. Ann Bar Soap Packaging 3. Silk Chocolate Packaging 4. Koppie Rooibos Tea Packaging Read More →

10 Examples of Professional Brand Design!

What makes a logo a professional brand? Firstly the logo design is an important part of the brand and if it is well designed, by a designer that knows how to grab the audiences attention and communicate a message it should do well as a brand.  But for the logo to become a professional brand, the company must market their brand, through their products/services but also through professional brand identity items such as a website, Read More →

15 modern and clean white space website designs for inspiration.

Firstly, What is white space? White space is the space around an image on the document, next and around text and sentences.  It is called white space but if your document is not white the white space will be of the colour that your document’s background colour is.  As examples, your document or design could be either a flyer, website or other, better and more likely to be of appeal to a larger amount of Read More →