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10 Reasons to have a WordPress website

Logoland's new WordPress website

10 Reasons to have a WordPress website With much time in the making we have managed to finish our project, we now have our own WordPress Website.  Our team did an amazing job in creating our new WordPress website.  After so much careful planning and design time our website is finally live! Why did we choose to have a WordPress website and why we recommend that every has one? 1. Simple to Edit – A Read More →

How to communicate with your graphic designer – in 4 simple steps

Logoland design blog, Melbourne

How to communicate with your graphic designer – in 4 simple steps This guide will help you make the most of your graphic design project.  Ensuring that you are providing your graphic designer or website designer with the right information is crucial if you want your project to go well and end well.  Here are our best tips on how to communicate with your graphic designer. But before we go on to tell you how to Read More →

Is your website up to date with the current Google recommendations?

Google search engine Australia

Is your website up to date with the current Google recommendations? Image: www.google.com.au   If you had a website created for you in the past or a year ago the coding would have been to the requirements of the search engines at the time that it was created.  Every year, several times a year Google and other major search engines come up with new algorithms and requirements for website owners. For Example; just recently Google Read More →

30 Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes

Pinterest-like WordPress website

Pinterest is visual a website discovery tool, it helps people connect with other people by suggesting great websites to visit.  It has been fast growing and has gained many fans in the short amount of years that it has been around, in fact the first Pinterest prototype was launched in 2010.  The Pinterest design has also gained much popularity, with Pinterest’s nice image format it is much easier to find interesting things, imagine if search Read More →

25 Amazing Websites with Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling on websites is an amazing thing, it is just beautiful, it makes them much more interesting.  If you don’t like scrolling when you enter a website or when you are surfing the web, you will now! Now that there’s Parallax Scrolling, scrolling has gotten much more interesting, you just can’t help yourself and you’ll want to scroll.  Parallax Scrolling has been available for years on games and just recently became popular on website Read More →

Best Affordable and Free Vector Image Websites

Vector images are of high resolution and they do not lose their quality when they are scaled to a larger size.  You can actually enlarge a Vector Image to any size and the quality will remain the same.  Vector images are great for printing and for electronic use.  There’s nothing worse than using low resolution graphics on your design projects, use high resolution vectors, you can either create them or download some. Here are the Best Read More →

25 Free Modern WordPress Themes

Are you looking for a FREE WordPress Theme? you may have found it!! see our list of 25 Free Modern WordPress Themes below. It does not matter if you are a blogger, a business, a photographer or an electrician, there will be a WordPress theme for you!   1. Balloons WordPress Theme Demo and Download: http://moargh.de/portfolio/downloads/wp-theme-balloons/   2. Beauty WordPress Theme Demo and Download: http://www.freeminimalwptheme.com/   3. Appz WordPress Theme Demo and Download: http://www.themeshaker.com/design-blog/post/appz-a-free-wordpress-theme-to-show-off-your-new-iphone-app   4. DW Timeline WordPress Theme Read More →

48 Free Red Vector Icons!

48 Free Red Vector Icons! Valentine’s day gift! red icons! READ LICENSE (Read before you download, includes information on how to open and edit files)   Thanks, if you like this please comment below or comment and link to us from your blog, website, social media site etc.  And please remember to respect our conditions of use.   Other posts that may interest you: What should you look for when looking for a good web design Read More →

Free PDF Modern Invoice Template

Enjoy our totally free Modern Invoice template! Download this free PDF Modern Invoice Template for your business use. Free License Template The template license is a non exclusive copyright, these are templates and anyone can use them.  The copyright belongs to Logoland Australia as having created this template, you may use this template and modify it e.g. edit the colours etc.  But you may not redistribute or take credit of having created it. How to Open Read More →

15 modern and clean white space website designs for inspiration.

Firstly, What is white space? White space is the space around an image on the document, next and around text and sentences.  It is called white space but if your document is not white the white space will be of the colour that your document’s background colour is.  As examples, your document or design could be either a flyer, website or other, better and more likely to be of appeal to a larger amount of Read More →