Decorating your home with scatter cushions

Want your visitors to be amazed by your interior decorating skills?  looking for cushions to buy for your couch?

Firstly, before you go off and buy your cushions, did you know that you can use your old cushion inserts and just buy covers? I found some at Spotlight, you can get some at Target also, depending on their stock availability.  But we recommend that you recycle and save, if possible.

There is an important process to follow if you don’t want to come home with your new cushions and find that they really don’t suit your couch or your lounge room, keep reading further below.


Take notice of what colour your other furniture is, do you have brown furniture, is it mahogany, chocolate, light wood colour, black, white? etc.


Identifying the colours of your furniture will help you select the right cushion colours for your living room.


Lets say you have more lighter furniture and light blue, then you can choose colours based on the light blue colour like the example above.   The colours of your furniture to take into account should include the sofa and any colours of picture frames on walls, vases you may have etc.  is there a dominating colour?  is there more brown, more white or more lighter tones?


Here’s another one!  like soft, natural colours? if you have dark coloured furniture, the above picture shows how you can get your cushions to match your dark furniture.

We hope you have enjoyed our decorating tips, we will post more articles about home decorating, for now we have articles in regards to graphic design if you are interested, thanks for reading!


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