Effective Branding

What is effective branding?

A brand consists of a number of important media items such as –
1. A logo design, a logo that is effective, simple, easy to read, easy to understand and memorable.
2. A set of Stationery Items or Brand Identity also called Business Identity, a set of stationery including a letterhead, envelope, with compliment slip and business card, other items that should be considered are a professional invoice, brochure and electronic letterhead.  All these items are considered marketing materials and they should compliment your logo and the logo’s fonts and colours.

professional branding stationery set example

3. A Website, a website design that is professionally designed and developed that it works meaning that it serves its purpose and is SEO (Search Engine Friendly) and user firendly and attracts the attention that you desire for your business.  There are many companies that provide web design/development services but how much creativity do they have? it is essential that the web design company has graphic designers to design your website and web developers to develop the website so that your website is attractive and functional.

So, when starting a business think of  brand building  (building your brand) as an investment and then enjoy great returns!

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