Examples of Professional Branding

How do you maintain a consistent brand?

If you are having your brand designed or you recently had your brand created it is important to keep in mind that brand consistency or coherence through your marketing is important from your business card to you website to your car signs, it is important to compliment your brand and not to spoil it.  Examples below of great brands and their branding include – Starbucks, FedEx and Apple.


1. Starbucks Brand



Keep all your products or marketing items looking like your brand, don’t change the look on one product and then the next.  Know your brand and be familiar with the overall image your brand has and ensure that you keep it consistent.




Ensure that your logo is shown on every item that your customers will purchase or use, like the Starbucks cups above.



Your brand is an important asset, so look after it and respect it, always.


2. FedEx Brand


Teach everyone in your company how to always respect and use the brand correctly, be in emails, letters or other marketing the logo should always be displayed.



It is important to have options ready to use the logo in inverted colours, like on a coloured background.



Make your brand memorable, ensure that people see it and remember.  Then when they need your products/services they will surely have your brand in mind if your brand strategy is good enough.


3. Apple

Apple is such a successful brand that some people get tattoos of this logo, can you believe it? If it is a good enough brand you will get all sorts of free advertising!


Brand consistency works great when done properly, like on the example an Apple Shop above.  This is achieved by using the brand, its colours and the brand’s font on every marketing area of the business.



Complimenting the brand is important, making people love it and admire it is important.

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