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Enjoy our totally free logos

Please feel free to download any of these vector logos for your business use, these logos are templates and many other businesses will also use them.  Although we provide this free logo option we still recommend that you have a custom logo designed uniquely for your company as it is important to stand out!  To compare our custom logo design packages.

Free License Logos

The following logos license is a non exclusive copyright, these are template and anyone can use them.  The copyright belongs to Logoland Australia as having created them, you may use them for your business brand and change them or edit the colours etc.  For personal use, where a person uses the logo for their own use.  Non Commercial use or sell by making a profit, you may not redistribute these logos in any manner.

How to Open Files

Click on the image, save to your computer > Right click on file and from the list select – Open with Adobe Illustrator or if you do not have Adobe Illustrator installed – download Adobe Illustrator Trial and do this after it has been installed.  Then edit the file as you like, the fonts are not included, we do not provide further support.

The graphic images copyright as stated below will remain of Logoland Australia, this is because these logos are templates, since many other businesses may use the same template we cannot grant each individual exclusive copyright.

If you would like an exclusive, unique and effective logo please compare our packages

conditions free logos

Circles free logo – Click on image to download PDF file.circles free logo design
Building free logo – Click on image to download PDF file.

Building free logo design
Flowers free logo – Click on image to download PDF file.
Flowers free logo design

Car free logo – Click on image to download PDF file.
car free logo design
Swoosh free logo – Click on image to download PDF file.


House free logo – Click on image to download PDF file.

house free logo design

Birds free logo – Click on image to download PDF file.
birds free logo design

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While a free logo design can be nice but a custom designed logo will make a huge difference if you run a professional business.  If you are in need of logo design services, make sure that you select a professional graphic designer to design your perfect and unique brand.

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