Funny Truck Ads

A company needs a complete branding strategy and a well designed logo to promote trust and show that they are better and different.  This is something that a free logo design will probably not do, we mention this because free logo searches are incredibly high at the moment, not sure why anyone would like a free logo design where the logo is a common template with no real purpose, take the companies below as an example.  They are large, successful businesses, why? its their branding, marketing, advertising, everything they do is for the good of their company starting with their logo and ending with their products/services.  Great marketing is very important and great marketing will bring a company great success.

There are so many companies offering the same products/services each individual company needs to stand out to be able to grab the attention of their audience and therefore become well known, better known or even liked and admired.  Here are some examples of out of the ordinary advertising where large company brands have been placed on trucks and these really funny visual ads have been created.  If you love to laugh just like we do then you may like the funny pictures below.

Here are some great marketing examples or Mock-ups featuring Pringles, Pepsi, Jeep, Bionade, Mars, McDonalds, KitKat, FedEx and others.  Where funny truck advertising has been used.

pringles funny truck ad jeep funny truck ad pepsi funny truck ad bionade funny truck ad mars funny truck ad library funny truck ad kit kat funny truck ad fed ex funny truck ad citroen funny truck ad pepsi twist funny truck ad mc donalds funny truck ad  valensina funny truck ad playboy funny truck ad

transport funny truck ad


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