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What is Logo Design?

Logo design is one of the most important areas of graphic design and the most important aspect of a business.  If you have a business but not a logo or a professionally designed logo then you have not taken good care of starting your business well.  But why? you may ask? well because your logo is your brand, your emblem and the face of your business.  You have the business name but your business name should be made into a nice eye-catching symbol that will represent your business and attract the attention of your targeted audience.


Why a professionally designed logo?

A professional design company will ensure that your logo design is made into a successful brand, if they have the necessary experience and expertise to do so, they will ensure that your logo is carefully planned, sketched, designed and finalised for all the uses you will need your logo for, whether it may be a business card, a website or a sign, the designer can ensure that your brand is consistent throughout all the marketing areas. But before this is done a professional logo that communicates an important message should be created with care, the logo should appeal to your target market, be suitable for your products/services and even your industry.  Your logo should be unique and not like any of our competitor’s logos so that your brand can stand out and be different from others.  Ensure that the designer you select can be there in future if you need your files again one day or a modification of your logo like e.g. change of colour.

If you are in Australia, like we are, we recommend that you ensure that the company you select is Australian and not an overseas company as due to copyrights it is important that the designer is familiar with brands that exist in Australia so that your logo can be designed to be unique and not like any other brands in Australia, especially brands in your industry or line of work.  If you customers will be mainly from Australia then we also recommend that you ensure that the designer is Australian as they will know what is needed to attract Australian customers.


How much should a logo design service cost?

This is certainly not the most important part of choosing a designer, but it depends on your budget, obviously you need to check the designer’s portfolio and ensure that they have a portfolio with work they have previously designed.  Ensure that the logo’s they have created have a meaning, are professional looking and that the logo’s don’t look cheap or like they were designed by a 7 year old child.  We don’t recommend competition logos, free logos or very cheap logo design services that cost under $300 because they are just that, the amount you pay or don’t pay! these logos are not planned carefully and no thought is placed into the design of the logo concepts if any.

This does not mean that you have to pay expensive per hour rates or an eye and a tooth to have a brand designed.  A reasonable amount would be between $350 to $1500, depending on what the service includes, e.g. revisions, concepts, final files etc.

We are bloggers and we run a design company, so if you want to you can compare our logo design packages. We are an honest team of Australian designers and try to be as helpful as possible.  We hope this page has been helpful to you.


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