Is your website up to date with the current Google recommendations?

Google search engine Australia

Is your website up to date with the current Google recommendations? Image:   If you had a website created for you in the past or a year ago the coding would have been to the requirements of the search engines at the time that it was created.  Every year, several times a year Google and other major search engines come up with new algorithms and requirements for website owners. For Example; just recently Google Read More →

Logoland Australia’s New Explainer Video

new logoland australia explainer video

Watch our new explainer video, Logoland Australia New Explainer Video Learn how easy it really is to order our graphic design and website design services. Our new explainer video shows how to order our services and gives you an insight into who we are. We are Logoland Australia and we are located in Melbourne and we provide our logo design, website design and other business services Australia-wide and internationally.

The Most Popular Social Media Networks from 2012-2014

most popular social media networks

Here is a list of the most popular social media networks that are available today, this post relates to the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.  Most of them can be used for personal use and also for business use.  Personal use would be to find friends, catch up with family, see others pictures, snoop around and find out all the latest gossip or even write your worries and all issues on the Facebook wall like Read More →

When Advertising Gets Funny

funny doggy weight loss advertisement

Happiness is great, making people laugh is great.  Then when a company has a sense of humour it is even better because we get to see really funny advertising pictures such as the one’s below.  Marketing is a difficult task, companies spend millions on getting their products and services out there and they are always competing with other businesses for the audience’s attention, so it is crucial that they get the attention and then they Read More →

The best logo design inspiration on Pinterest!

logo design inspiration from Pinterest

In these days it has become easier for graphic designers to be able to conduct their necessary research that is crucial to be able to develop a unique and better brand for their clients.  When a logo designer creates a logo they first conduct research by looking at other designs, this is where ideas are born and a great designer will not copy but learn from what they see and create their own unique and Read More →

Brand Creation and Logo Design – How does it work?

Professional brand style guide

When a business brand is developed this involves the design of the logo to begin with, as the logo is the most important part of the brand creation it is important that this is created first.  A common mistake that business owners make is that they choose to have their website or business cards designed first.  In fact since the logo is the identity of the business and the way the company identifies itself, the logo should be created Read More →

15+ Creative Advertising Posters

Zoo funny advertisement

Great advertising can be creative, smart, inspirational, scary or funny! When companies need to get the attention of their audience they need to capture their imagination, their funny side or show that they have something in common with their customers.  Marketing is very important for every business, a business without marketing is really non existent.  To start with businesses develop a branding strategy and then once they have established their branding all of their marketing Read More →

20+ Funny Advertising Ideas

Funny Frontline dog flees ad

Funny advertising, companies need to get their message across.  It is very difficult to get peoples attention, but when they see something they like or something funny and out of the ordinary it gets their attention. Great visual images accompanied with smart and funny ideas can make a huge difference, almost everyone loves to laugh right?  so funny advertising prints, advertisements and commercials can make a companies product, service and even their brand stand out from Read More →

30 Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes

Pinterest-like WordPress website

Pinterest is visual a website discovery tool, it helps people connect with other people by suggesting great websites to visit.  It has been fast growing and has gained many fans in the short amount of years that it has been around, in fact the first Pinterest prototype was launched in 2010.  The Pinterest design has also gained much popularity, with Pinterest’s nice image format it is much easier to find interesting things, imagine if search Read More →

Funny Truck Ads

A company needs a complete branding strategy and a well designed logo to promote trust and show that they are better and different.  This is something that a free logo design will probably not do, we mention this because free logo searches are incredibly high at the moment, not sure why anyone would like a free logo design where the logo is a common template with no real purpose, take the companies below as an Read More →