17 FIFA World Cup Logos

Enjoy our showcase of the last 17 FIFA Football World Cup Logos, including the Brazil 2014 World Cup Logo. The FIFA Football World Cup, its world famous and fanatics from all over the world visit the place where the football competition is held.  Known as ‘Football’ or sometimes ‘Soccer’, it is beautiful exciting game that gives many people hopes, happiness, excitement and passion.  This year 2014 is the FIFA World Cup and it is held Read More →

Top 10 creative infographics

Infographics, the most modern way to show how something works.  Like a service, a products or anything else that needs simple explaining.  Many large and small businesses are using infographics these days to show their process or to provide other step by step information or most commonly to introduce themselves and show what they do in a visual way. Number one is an infographic from Kentico Content a Management System. Image source | http://devnet.kentico.com Infographics Read More →

Logoland has a brand new website!

News! News! News! Guess what? we have upgraded our website, it is now more simple than ever to navigate, we have made it even more simple.  We want to create a great user experience, in order to show what we can do our website is the number one example and we find that it is very important that we show what we can do and that includes our website.  Below is a capture of our Read More →

30 wonderful charity logos

Non profit organisations or charities help people as well as animals in need. These days charities need a professional logo and branding as well as a website to be able to promote trust as businesses do. As they need peoples support and donations trust is a big factor. So whenever you can, support a charity it will make you feel better and you will be helping someone or some little creature like a cat or Read More →

20 Interesting Electrical logos

We have compiled a great collection of Electrical themed logo designs for your inspiration.  The logos are related to electrical contractors, green energy companies, electrical engineering companies and more. Here are 20 Interesting Electrical logos, enjoy!   Villux This modern logo is to the point, it communicates a message in a simple way that’s just right.  The designer has created a light globe from the business name which is very smart and creative.   Ward Electric Read More →

25 Amazing Websites with Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling on websites is an amazing thing, it is just beautiful, it makes them much more interesting.  If you don’t like scrolling when you enter a website or when you are surfing the web, you will now! Now that there’s Parallax Scrolling, scrolling has gotten much more interesting, you just can’t help yourself and you’ll want to scroll.  Parallax Scrolling has been available for years on games and just recently became popular on website Read More →

Best Affordable and Free Vector Image Websites

Vector images are of high resolution and they do not lose their quality when they are scaled to a larger size.  You can actually enlarge a Vector Image to any size and the quality will remain the same.  Vector images are great for printing and for electronic use.  There’s nothing worse than using low resolution graphics on your design projects, use high resolution vectors, you can either create them or download some. Here are the Best Read More →

20 Cat Logo Designs

Cats are one of our favourite pets.  Cats can be really beautiful and sometimes really annoying but we love them.  Whether you like cats or not, you can still admire these incredible logos for inspiration.  We have put together as many great cat logos that we could find, some are cute, others are cool logo designs and others are smart. Now to the story of cats! Cats were domesticated by the Ancient Egyptians.  Cats are Read More →

20 Fantastic Train Logo Designs for Inspiration

A train is a form of rail transport consisting of a series of carriages.  The first commercial train was built in 1812.  Before this there were other types of railway locomotives in existence like Wagonways that were used for mining purposes. The first steam trains were small 4 wheeled vehicles.  By the 1850’s many steam-powered railways had reached the fringes of built-up London.  By 1876 Canada had the longest railway in the world linked to Read More →