Six Years of Pantone Colour Trends

Just in case…  Colour in Australia, Color in America, its all the same but we are an Australian based design blog, therefore we spell color as colour, with a ‘u’… Now to our post! Six Years of Pantone Colour Trends The following is a year by year Pantone Colour Trends  Report for a 5 year period and also what the outlook is for the 2014 Pantone colour trend! 1. 2013 year colour trends   2013 was Read More →

20 Funny T-Shirts that you can Buy!

Are you a happy person? like humor? hopefully you do as it’s a great way to spend your day! being happy when ever you can! If you like funny stuff, you may like the funny T-shirts we have listed below, plus you can even visit the link under the image and purchase them from the T-Shirt stores. 20 Funny T-Shirts that you can Buy! Enjoy!   1. Under New Management Funny T-Shirt   Image credits/product: Read More →

Examples of Professional Branding

How do you maintain a consistent brand? If you are having your brand designed or you recently had your brand created it is important to keep in mind that brand consistency or coherence through your marketing is important from your business card to you website to your car signs, it is important to compliment your brand and not to spoil it.  Examples below of great brands and their branding include – Starbucks, FedEx and Apple. Read More →

How to communicate professionally via email

If you run your own business or you are starting your own business it is important that you know how to appropriately type your emails. The way you communicate can have a major impact on your business, if you don’t know how to communicate professionally with your clients or customers your business may not be as successful as it could have been.     Don’t Type in ‘All Caps’! Did you know that, typing in Read More →

Free PDF Modern Invoice Template

Enjoy our totally free Modern Invoice template! Download this free PDF Modern Invoice Template for your business use. Free License Template The template license is a non exclusive copyright, these are templates and anyone can use them.  The copyright belongs to Logoland Australia as having created this template, you may use this template and modify it e.g. edit the colours etc.  But you may not redistribute or take credit of having created it. How to Open Read More →

Packaging Design Inspiration

A brand’s package design should capture the brand’s look.  It should be relevant to today’s consumers. As the brand itself, the packaging’s design should stand out.  The colours should follow the brand’s colours and any other colours added to the packaging design should suit and compliment the brand’s colours. Below are some examples of professional packaging for inspiration: 1. Monopoly Packaging 2. Ann Bar Soap Packaging 3. Silk Chocolate Packaging 4. Koppie Rooibos Tea Packaging Read More →

How our eyes see colour

To understand colour better, it is important to understand how our eyes and brain perceive colour.  We see colour everywhere but how do our eyes translate it into an image?  Wavelengths of light come from the sun and they come into contact with the Earth and objects that we see.  These wavelengths are reflected back to our eyes at different frequencies.  Some of the wavelengths that are reflected to the Earth are out of the Read More →

Introduction to Colour

Colour is usually taken for granted, most people do not give colour a thought, even designers sometimes.  Yet why do we not realise what important role colour plays in our everyday lives?  We are made up of different colours, our hair, our eyes, our skin.  Then think of the clothes that we wear and the furniture and items we own.  Isn’t colour everywhere? Everyday we make decisions based on colour, the car we choose to Read More →

10 Examples of Professional Brand Design!

What makes a logo a professional brand? Firstly the logo design is an important part of the brand and if it is well designed, by a designer that knows how to grab the audiences attention and communicate a message it should do well as a brand.  But for the logo to become a professional brand, the company must market their brand, through their products/services but also through professional brand identity items such as a website, Read More →

Brandmarks Explained

Brandmarks include an almost infinite variety of shapes and personalities.  Brandmarks can be assigned to a number of different categories.  These categories range from literal through to symbolic.  Brandmarks can be made up of words or images.  New exciting brandmarks are created each day! So what is a Brandmark? The brandmark is a logo design, a logo, a brand created to represent a company or organisation. A designer will analyse the company, its products/services and Read More →