Logo Design Styles

Understanding logo design styles, what does this mean? What style of logo would you like? This is a question that graphic design companies will normally ask their clients in their creative brief or at some stage before they commence the design of your logo design project. So that you don’t get confused as to which styles are normally named we have outlined as many styles and provided an example for each style below.  You can Read More →

15 modern and clean white space website designs for inspiration.

Firstly, What is white space? White space is the space around an image on the document, next and around text and sentences.  It is called white space but if your document is not white the white space will be of the colour that your document’s background colour is.  As examples, your document or design could be either a flyer, website or other, better and more likely to be of appeal to a larger amount of Read More →

What are CSS Styles?

CSS Styles or Cascading Style Sheets In Web design CSS Styles are a conjunction of styles that give the overall look to your website, these are either embedded within the HTML page (called in-line styles) or linked to from a separate file.  Without these styles your website would just have a plain HTML design, which is mainly colours and the default look from your browser that is given to tables, headings, links, lists, breaks and Read More →

10 successful brand redesigns

When a logo is created it should last a long time, but time can make the logo look outdated after a decade or so.  A great brand should last a decade or more, a not so well designed brand may need to be updated much sooner. This post outlines 10 examples of logo redesigns where the brand has been successfully improved or modernised. 1. ANZ Bank 2. The Bank of New York   3. Qantas Read More →

Christmas Table Setting Inspiration!

Start planning a wonderful Christmas early! with this helpful tips.  It is never too early to start planning your next Christmas.  Want your visitors to be impressed by the beautiful Christmas dinner they will have?  this is where table setting comes into place, together with a great elegant dinner, your next Christmas will be very Merry indeed! Here’s a nice idea! this is a silver, white Christmas theme.  Use candles, white dinnerware, silver Christmas ornaments Read More →

Decorating your home with scatter cushions

Want your visitors to be amazed by your interior decorating skills?  looking for cushions to buy for your couch? Firstly, before you go off and buy your cushions, did you know that you can use your old cushion inserts and just buy covers? I found some at Spotlight, you can get some at Target also, depending on their stock availability.  But we recommend that you recycle and save, if possible. There is an important process Read More →

40 Free Wallpapers

Free wallpapers for your desktop.  To download the wallpapers click on the image, the link will take you to the Flickr website where the image authors have placed their images for download. 1. Ferrari Wallpaper 2. Boat Wallpaper 3. Black Ferrari Wallpaper 4. Silver Ferrari Wallpaper 5. The Illuminated Wallpaper 6. Flowers Wallpaper 7. Penguin Wallpaper 8. Ferrari Racing Wallpaper 9. Red Autumn Wallpaper 10. Colourful Pinatas Wallpaper 11. Miami Beach Wallpaper 12. Vintage Boat Wallpaper 13. Pretty Pink Flower Wallpaper 14. Yellow Flower Wallpaper 15. Oslo Read More →

20 Incredibly Funny Print Ads

Here’s something fun to look at.  When marketing products and services, sometimes companies choose to find the funny side of people by communicating with them in a hilarious way.  Here is a list, enjoy! 1. Bad Breath DENTAstix, our dog loves these, he’ll do anything for one of these, seriously this does help when he has terrible bad breath, this is why we don’t have a bird.  Very funny ad, poor tweedy bird. 2. Ambulance Read More →

Free Icons Set

40 plus popular icons for use on websites and more! Please feel free to download any of these vector icons for your use, these icons are templates and many other businesses will also use them. READ LICENSE (Read before you download, includes information on how to open and edit files)   Thanks, if you like this please comment below or comment and link to us from your blog, website, social media site etc.  And please remember Read More →

Free Logos

Enjoy our totally free logos Please feel free to download any of these vector logos for your business use, these logos are templates and many other businesses will also use them.  Although we provide this free logo option we still recommend that you have a custom logo designed uniquely for your company as it is important to stand out!  To compare our custom logo design packages. Free License Logos The following logos license is a Read More →