What should you look for when looking for a good web design & development service?

1. Good graphic design skills Many web development companies offer web design and development services but we so often see functional websites with the text all over the place, it looks like no thought was put into the graphics of the website, the websites look cheap, with ugly buttons, there are headings that look out of place and the website does not follow the brand. For example; when a website is designed the website should Read More →

Why an effective logo design should not cost under $200

What is a logo? A logo design is the face of the business, this is the business’s identity. Sadly many people do not understand the importance of a professionally designed brand. In this article we will explain what a logo is and what purpose it serves. The logo design in a large part is the brand of the business but the brand begins with the logo. Why free logos and cheap logos are bad? The Read More →

Best Free Google Fonts

Here is a list of the best Google Fonts we could find on the web.  You can go to the link and install the font on your computer or use the fonts on your website and projects!  best of all they are absolutely free! www.google.com/fonts 1. PAYTONE ONE 2. OXYGEN 3. GREAT VIBES 4. CROISSANT ONE 5. UBUNTU 6. PT SANS 7. QUESTRIAL 8. QUATTROCENTO 9. PLAY 10. OVO Other posts that may interest you: Read More →

Effective Branding

What is effective branding? A brand consists of a number of important media items such as – 1. A logo design, a logo that is effective, simple, easy to read, easy to understand and memorable. 2. A set of Stationery Items or Brand Identity also called Business Identity, a set of stationery including a letterhead, envelope, with compliment slip and business card, other items that should be considered are a professional invoice, brochure and electronic Read More →

Principles of Effective Logo Design

What separates an effective logo design from a non-effective logo design? A good Logo Design is simple, creative and memorable, if it is easy to reproduce it is memorable.  The logo serves its purpose and communicates the message that you want to communicate to your target market group without necessarily being too obvious, the way it communicates your message is simple and abstract.  A great logo design is appropriate for all uses whether it may be a Read More →

What is the advantage of having a logo designed online?

For many company owners it proves difficult to find a company that will give them great service and value for money. In the past some new companies paid up to three thousand dollars to have a logo designed and they did not even receive the main source file (Ai) at the end, all they were given were a few jpg and pdf files if they were lucky but now it is much more common for design Read More →

Logo design process.

The process into designing a logo includes a number of steps.   To be able to design a professional logo a design company should have a procedure to follow in designing a professional logo for a client.  The main aim is to be organised and provide the client with a trouble free process. Step 1- Creative brief The creative brief is important to be able to determine the needs of the company including the target market, what their Read More →

The purpose of a logo and its design

A logo is a symbol of a company. A logo is a way for a company to introduce themselves, it is like a shop front.  Without a shop front you don’t know that there is a genuine shop behind the window.  Companies also need to show their difference between themselves and their competitors, this is when a unique logo plays an important role. The way the logo is created and why it is created as Read More →