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Infographics, the most modern way to show how something works.  Like a service, a products or anything else that needs simple explaining.  Many large and small businesses are using infographics these days to show their process or to provide other step by step information or most commonly to introduce themselves and show what they do in a visual way.

Number one is an infographic from Kentico Content a Management System.

Kentico Content Management System infographic

Image source |

Infographics turn regular otherwise boring data into something interesting.  Infographics allow us to read less and see more. They make something terribly boring into something fun and interesting to look at, they turn introductions and instructions into simple and easy to understand visual data.


Infographic number 2 belongs to WordStream

WordStream adwords keyword research tool Infographic

For designers it is not as easy as it may look to create a successful infographic, a great infographic needs to be carefully created using strategy.  Infographics are very technical as they are like graphs and diagrams but they are just more interesting and much less boring or not boring at all really because they are just so interesting.

The Fortune 500 infographic is number 3. Kentico Content Management System Infographic.

Kentico Content Management System Infographic

Here is our number 4, that appeared in
infographic of infographics

Number 5 from
infographics elements 01

Number 6, Where do the richest people live? image source:

where the richest people live infographic

Number 8,  is a retro style infographic, image from it’s a really detailed one.
retro infographic elements vector

Number 9 from
What do 7 billion people do infographic Funders and Founders

Number 10 from

logoland logo design how it works infographic

When designing an infographic it’s important to have a plan, a strategy and to keep the design simple and easy to understand.  A great infographic will be easy to read, the viewer should be able to look at the images and understand what the message is.

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