What should you look for when looking for a good web design & development service?

1. Good graphic design skills

Many web development companies offer web design and development services but we so often see functional websites with the text all over the place, it looks like no thought was put into the graphics of the website, the websites look cheap, with ugly buttons, there are headings that look out of place and the website does not follow the brand.

For example; when a website is designed the website should compliment the logo, if the logo is illustrative, the website should only include illustrative images, it can have a gallery where there are photos of the jobs completed but in most cases illustrative websites should not have banners that include photos as this does not suit the theme.  If it is to include images, the images must be modified in a way that they suit the illustrative website, a great designer/developer will know how to achieve this.

2. Great coding skills

Great coding skills can be seen on the actual websites of a company’s portfolio of their previous work.  It is important to see what they have done previously.  The website’s written content should be nicely formatted, if the text looks like it has been pasted all over the place and the website looks cheap then it is likely that CSS-Styles are not been used or that the developers do not have the necessary knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS and other coding languages.  They may sell their services as if they are the best in the world, they may say that they are a “Major Web Development Consultancy”  blah, blah etc.  But look at their portfolio and you may see that all the websites they create are not creative and the design may not be of high quality.

The way your website functions after it has been developed is very important, a website will not be any use if it has hundreds of errors in its coding, it can even be banned by search engines or not listed at all if it is not coded correctly.  The developers should have knowledge of good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) practices so that your website is correctly optimised for search engines.

3. A reasonable turnaround time

If a development company promises to have your website designed and developed in 3 business days or even 7 business days then it is not a custom design, it could be a template that they edit to your needs but to a certain extent.  So they may be selling custom design for template design.

4. Good loading time

A website that does not load fast enough will make the visitors leave and go somewhere else.  The developers should have the necessary understanding and capabilities to develop a website in ways that it will load fast when it is online.  The website’s images should be saved correctly so that they don’t take a long time to load, but this is the most basic thing.  The loading time depends on how the website is coded, what actions are taken when designing the website and how the website is layout is like.   So the developers need to understand what steps they need to take to develop a fast loading and effective website.

5. Attractive web design

Now, last but not least is an attractive design!  Did you know that most viewers will leave an unattractive website in seconds after entering it?
Most visitors like an attractive design with the right colours, if they see an ugly website they will just go somewhere else.

So select the correct company to design your website!

For examples of great website designs please visit the following link: http://www.logoland.com.au/web-design-portfolio.php

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