When Advertising Gets Funny

Happiness is great, making people laugh is great.  Then when a company has a sense of humour it is even better because we get to see really funny advertising pictures such as the one’s below.  Marketing is a difficult task, companies spend millions on getting their products and services out there and they are always competing with other businesses for the audience’s attention, so it is crucial that they get the attention and then they know that their marketing and spending has not been for nothing.

When Advertising Gets Funny

This Ad by Jardiland is a really light meal, it helps your doggy lose weight, see?

funny doggy weight loss advertisement

This Ad by Daihatsu shows you how you cab pick up more women than if you had a Lamborghini.

funny car ads

This Ad by Mc Donald’s shows you how they make their milk shakes!

Mc Donalds Milk Shake funny Ad

This Simpon’s Ad is a really cute and funny.
The Simpsons funny ad

Young Director Awards Ad, is great which shows a little prankster from a young age, what a happy kid!

Funny young director award ad

Spec Savers Ad, is it real? you be the judge, if it is really a Spec Savers Ad or just a coincidence it’s funny!
spec savers funny bus ad

Spec Savers Ad, this one looks real, what a great way to communicate what you want to say!
spec saver funny sign ad

Sci-Fi channel Star Trek funny ad, this is how it all started!
sci-fi star trek funny ad

Diving school funny ad, “we’ll make you love water.”
diving cat funny ad

Meister Camera funny ad, what a way to make a child and a dog confused.. a very smart ad.
funny camera ad featuring dog

Wella Balsam Shampoo funny ad, why are those 70’s ads so funny?
wella funny 1970's ad

Smart Car funny ad, why not buy one of these when it’s so easy to protect it?
smart car funny ad

An IAMS funny ad, another smart and funny ad for you.
I ams funny advertisement on London taxi cab

This was our last, image credits go to… www.pinterest.com

Thank you for watching!

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