Choose a Premium Responsive WordPress Website! Why choose our WordPress website design service? With a WordPress website created by our web design team you will have a website that you can edit yourself easily if you choose to,  responsive web design without having HTML knowledge. Edit the images and written content, you can do anything with a WordPress website even create new page templates and add more pages.

We are the trusted Australian WordPress website design service providers for thousands of businesses Australia-wide. We provide our clients with customised WordPress website design services.  Modern, responsive, high performance websites that perform perfectly and look great too.

We apply our creative talent and extensive experience to every WordPress website that we create, if you want a website that will be admired and will be out of the ordinary then you are in the right place!

We create responsive WordPress websites that look great and work great on the most popular devices, including tablets and mobile phones.  An easy to update website that ranks on Google.  Select our creative and experienced development team with 10 years plus experience in WordPress web design!


WordPress CMS (Content Management System)
Responsive WordPress Website
Mobile device ready
Multiple page design & setup
High resolution Images
Enquiry Form or Quote Form
Image Slideshow
Interactive buttons, icons, text and images
Parallax & Smooth Scrolling

Image Overlays
Parallax/Fixed or Scrolling Images
Premium WordPress Theme
Customised for your brand
Unique look an layout
Drag & drop easy to use editor
Duplicate, create or delete sections easily
Add elements by clicking a button

Optional Image Gallery or Blog
Video Feature
Optional social network feed
Social Media Icons
6 months support (from theme developers)
Video & document tutorials
We add your written content
Optional drop down menus
Create new pages easily
Copy other already created pages

Edit all content & images easily
Simple design process
Optional team photos & profiles
Optional sliding or fixed testimonials
Fast loading optimised website
All pages include META tags & SEO
Search engine optimised images
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We setup, design & upload your website

Need an online shop? Our packages include so much! so many features, so many inclusions and if you’re after a small to medium online shop we have the solution! We can setup WooCommerce for a fraction of the cost compared to what other online shops can really cost to setup and it can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take with a different platform.  This service is additional from our web design or complete packages that do not include online shops but the great news is that we are able to integrate online shops with our services and can be added to any one of our packages that includes website design.

Order your modern, responsive and interactive WordPress website instantly!

Select your favourite package based on your needs and budget and start today!  For a design that you’ll absolutely love, have our highly experienced design team create your brand.

NQ Homes Cairns QLD logo design and web design by Logoland


The WordPress websites that we design and develop are created with the user in mind, we always aim at creating a great user experience. Our WordPress website design service principles are high performing websites from every angle, this includes the way it is designed, the way it is coded and the way it is planned.

We are an online website design consultancy providing high quality web design solutions that meet the latest search engine requirements and we create WordPress websites that include the latest technologies – including; modern, responsive website design created using the popular WordPress Platform.

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) runs more websites than any other platform, it is trustworthy and very simple to use, but if you ever need help you can get updates and free support from the community and WordPress.

Enjoy the ability to make simple updates from your computer, tablet or even your mobile phone. The flexibility of using premade and plug-ins that allow you to additionally add galleries, slide shows, forms and much more.

Our web designers and developers are very experienced and this great knowledge allows us to design and develop your website in weeks not months, you can now have an effective and high performance website online in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.


We provide a unique website design service where our high end web designers create your beautiful website graphics using Premium WordPress themes, customised to your needs. Once your website is created you get regular updates, free support and so much more, the support can come from WordPress, the theme creators and the community.

Get a state of the art website in looks and functionality. Get the trust you need converting this trust into sales for your business.

We carefully plan and visualise exactly what will work for you, we then provide you with options, choose exactly what is right for your business and brand, see realistic mock-ups of your website before it becomes the working version.


We are constantly improving our skills to be able to provide the most effective websites for our clients.

Our web designers are dedicated professionals, our extensive experience has allowed us to transcend in technical and creative skills. We design responsive WordPress websites that provide an effective user experience. We have dedicated professionals that are highly experienced in creating high performance WordPress websites.

As experienced WordPress website designers we take the necessary steps to understand every aspect of your company. We want to know who you are, what you do, who you are targeting and what kind of products/services you offer.

Research shows that looks do count! when it comes to branding and websites people choose to go with the company that appears more professional, they go with the company that creates a great first impression and the one that conveys more trust.

Our team are perfectionists and great website designers and coders meaning that if you choose us you will have a brilliant looking website that works perfectly.


1. Great Visual Design.

A website that is part of a quality brand and looks great and functions perfectly will ensure that the user remains on the website for longer and therefore engage in your products/services.  For the web design to be successful it needs to appeal to your audience, it needs to function well, it needs to load really fast and it needs to be a well structured website.

To be able to engage viewers, a website must appeal to them within seconds. Viewers that enter a great looking website will stay in the website for longer as they will find the website interesting and appealing.  If the viewer is impressed by the website’s visual design they will want to return to view the website again, bookmark it and also share the website with others.

2. High Performance and Smooth Functionality.

With fast internet connections and so many high performance websites.  If your website does not load fast enough the viewer will leave and go to another website that loads properly, so fast loading is important in web development.  The way the website performs is also an important factor, if there are broken links, or pages and images that don’t load properly a viewer will get frustrated and will not want to stay on your website.

3. High Quality and Engaging Images.

Engaging, great looking and high quality images will greatly assist with viewer staying for longer on your website.  You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of a viewer and entice them to stay on your website.  The images chosen are important because they must communicate what you are trying to convey on each of your web pages.

4. Engaging Content.

Strategically developed written content is crucial to a website’s success.  As the owner of the business you are the most knowledgeable person when it comes to what your business does, what your business’s values are and who you are targeting.

It is important that you provide your web designer with this information as early as possible as this information will help them know exactly who you are as a business, ensuring that the website they create is suitable.

It is important that your content is clear, creates a call to action like an ‘enquire now’ button and that it is to the point and useful for your audience so that once the website is online it can be perfect in every way and that it delivers as intended.

responsive wordpress web design Melbourne by Logoland

5. User Friendly Experience.

The navigation and content should be organised in a way so that the user can easily find what they need. Provide useful information and links to pages, guiding them to a transaction, enquiry or answer. A great way to do this is to have relevant ‘learn more’ links from your content guiding the user to where they need to go.

Today websites are an important marketing tool, a company without a professional website is missing out on a huge amount of sales.  Did you know that Australians spend approx. $20 billion a year on online purchases?  Or approx. 61% of people buy online!

Compare our amazing packages & start that incredible journey today!


anzpac logo
Glencore Logo a Logoland Client
Crime Stoppers a Logoland client
RMIT University logo, a Logoland Client
The University of Melbourne a Logoland client
Clients CIO Advisory
Clients The University of Queensland
Chronos Care client logo


Logoland started in 2005, offering logo design services.  Since then our company has expanded and we now provide complete design services.  By selecting our company you are able to have a complete brand that matches perfectly.  You can now have your logo, stationery, marketing designs and website created in the one place to achieve maximum results and a seamless brand!

Order our graphic design and web design services in one easy and affordable package that is discounted or order just your logo or website on its own or order different packages as you go.  Our graphic and web design team are highly skilled to provide the effective services that you need.