5 Logoland Logo Design Projects

5 Logoland Logo Design Projects.  Our creative graphic designers always design the very best brands for our clients and here are 5 recent brands that were carefully crafted by our design team.

Snoop Creative

5 Logo design projects by Logoland Australia

Snoop Creative is a graphic designer in Australia who asked us to design their brand because they were having trouble coming up with a design for themselves, there’s nothing wrong with that though, as for us it’s much easier to create client’s brands than it was to create our own, so there you go! this happens!  They wanted a modern, creative brand that looked almost hand-drawn or sketched and the logo we created (above) is the result.



5 Logo design projects by Logoland Australia

Meland is a brand for a Real Estate agent in Australia providing off the plan property sales, property management and consulting services to local buyers and overseas investors.  They wanted a to communicate that they were trustworthy, reliable and had passion for the Real Estate Industry and that they were enthusiastic and non complicated and they liked the colour Red.


Hillman Media

5 Logo design projects by Logoland Australia

Hillman Media provides specialist TV production and communications services to the business, government and broadcast sectors. Since April 2000, Hillman Media has produced solutions for clients ranging from broadcast television programs, internal television networks, DVD and corporate video production, magazine publishing and corporate communication.  They wanted a simple, corporate and professional brand to represent them in modern and unique way and they wanted the logo to be linked to their other branding that was created by Logoland for related companies.



5 Logo design projects by Logoland Australia

Ezipicks are based in Melbourne and sell cycling apparel and other kinds of sportswear online and are planning to introduce products like fitness watches in the future.  There intent is to make their brand well known to the target audience within the next 5 – 6 years and wanted a brand that was designed to target both genders.



5 logo design projects by Logoland


Berlin25 is a leading e-commerce platform located in Berlin, Germany.  Their assortment of items includes over 30,000 products covering most all customer needs, including office accessories, hardware, software, gift items and much more.  Their on-line warehouse is designed to meet the needs of both individual end-users and commercial & office suppliers in Germany and worldwide.  Their aim for their brand was to be seen as a company offering customers the highest degree of efficient and customer-friendly service, providing the opportunity to view, compare, select products for purchase, at any time and from anywhere in the world at best prices.  They wanted their logo to be innovative, attractive, professional and meaningful.


Thanks for reading 5 Logoland Logo Design Projects! if you liked this post please share it on social media by clicking the share buttons, thanks!  Paulina Gallardo is a professional logo designer with more than ten years experience in creating quality brand designs for Logoland Australia.

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