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Need to communicate effectively?
Do this through a custom brochure design.

At Logoland we provide custom brochure design services and we are based in Melbourne Australia.  Our professional graphic designers create brochures that attract your audience by influencing them to read your brochure. We ensure that people will want to look at your brochure by giving it an attractive and engaging appearance.

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With a professionally designed brochure you are assured that the artwork is properly designed and finalised.  Targeting you audience effectively and printing properly saving you from having to reprint due to mistakes or incorrect print settings.

Our graphic designers also ensure that the brochure design suits your brand and if you need a logo design created by professionals we have the perfect team! with more than a decade of experience we are able to design brilliant artwork.

Brochures are used by businesses to introduce their products/services, to market a new product and service or to offer specialised services.  Because the company will invest on printing and to be able to have the maximum impact and the best results possible it is important that a professional graphic design company designs your brochure.

At Logoland our graphic designers create impactful and effective brochures that people will want to read, this will ensure that 99% of your brochures aren’t just instantly thrown in the rubbish bin, because that it what most of us do when we receive a brochure whether through the mail box, PO box or other manner.

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Common brochure sizes

Here are 7 common or standard brochure sizes and folds to give you an idea of which brochure type may be suitable for your business and your products/services. Before selecting one it is important that you consider what message you would like to communicate, then select the one that will bring you the best results.

DL Brochure – A4 210 x 297mm folded in 3 to DL (99 x 210mm)
DL Brochure – 198 x 210mm folded in half to DL (99 x 210mm)
DL Brochure – 396 x 210mm folded to DL (99 x 210mm)
A5 Brochure – A4, 210 x 297mm folded to A5 (105 x 148.5mm)
A4 Brochure – A3, 297 x 420mm folded to A4 (210 x 297mm)
A4 Brochure – 628 x 297mm folded to A4 (210 x 297mm)

brochure type dimensions diagram

There are a number page options for brochures, there are 4 page brochures, 6 page and 8 page, 10 page and 12 page brochures. Any more pages and it classifies as a booklet but with the difference that it is not a folded style document. This information is intended as a guide, the actual sizes and folds can vary slightly depending on what your printer can print, but we can design any type of brochure style to your business needs.

Do you have a logo? if you need one, consider our affordable, unlimited revision custom logo design services by our highly experienced Australian logo designers.

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