Find the 4 Odd bears!

Find the 4 Odd bears!

Find the four odd bears! Can you spot the 4 different bears in this visual picture puzzle in one minute or less? Are you smart enough, do you have what it takes?

Come on! take the challenge with your friends and family and show them how it’s done! There are exactly 4 very small differences on 4 bears.

Can you do it! Go! try it now!

Warning: Spoiler further below (under second image) – the answer is further below, try it, don’t cheat!

Find the 4 Odd bears!


How did you do? tell all your friends! share this fun puzzle with everyone!

Again – Warning! Spoiler below (under the image below) – the answer is written below the following image, try it, don’t cheat!

Find the 4 Odd bears!

Answer: bear number 24, 37, 42, 47

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