Funny, Weird Old Ads

Funny, Weird Old Ads – See our collection of weird, funny old ads below.

From cigarettes to drinks and food, ads were plain funny, plain weird and inappropriate in the old days.  See for yourself!  Today advertising is usually much more professional, we don’t use babies to advertise cigarettes, actually cigarettes are not even advertised in Australia any more.  These ads can be classified as funny ads but wait till you see our next post.


1. Dr Batty’s Asthma Cigarettes

– Who knew that “cigarettes can provide relief for asthma? and Children over 6 can smoke them?” What!!

Funny, Weird Old Ads


2. Dropson’s Grinders

– Okay, not sure if this one is real but there is a creepy little girl in it!

Funny, Weird Old Ads


3. Condom Ad

– What a way to advertise, it is straight forward and in plain English, right?

Funny, Weird Old Ads


4. Imodium Diarrhea Ad

– I hope you’re not eating at this moment, if you are look at the ad below!
Funny, Weird Old Ads


5. Oscar Mayer Wieners Old Ad

– Hot dog sausages were called Wieners!
Funny, Weird Old Ads


6. Lard Old Ad

– People were happy eating lard?

Funny, Weird Old Ads


7. 7 up Old Ad

– Nothing is better for a baby than 7 up? according to this old ad!

Funny, Weird Old Ads


8. Gillette Safety Razor Old Ad

– Babies used to shave?
Funny, Weird Old Ads


9. Camel Cigarettes Old Ad

– Santa Smoking?
Funny, Weird Old Ads


10. Coca-Cola Old Ad

– For a better start in life Start Cola earlier! according to this old Coca-Cola Ad.

Funny, Weird Old Ads


11. Canada Dry Old Ad

– A weird looking kid drinks Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

Funny, Weird Old Ads


12. Marlboro Old Ad

– Old ads used babies to sell their cigarettes.
Funny, Weird Old Ads


13. A funny pig old ad

– A pig cutting itself? it looks like a horror movie poster!

Funny, Weird Old Ads


14. Old Dick Ad

– This ad is just for a chocolate bar with a funny name.  (image credits to Twisted Vintage)

Funny, Weird Old Ads


15. Sabrina Funny Old Ad

– A colour slide projector, wait.. where’s the projector?
Funny, Weird Old Ads


16. Scotch Tape Funny Old Ad

– Didn’t your mum cut your hair this way?
Funny, Weird Old Ads


17.  To wake up Gay

– old funny ad – Waking up gay, ‘Gay’ means ‘Happy’ by the way.
Funny, Weird Old Ads


18. Marlboro Old Ad

– According to this ad, Marlboro used babies to sell cigarettes.
Funny, Weird Old Ads

Image credits: Twisted vintage, Pinterest, Daily Mail, Bored Panda and Buzz Feed.
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