Why it’s important to have a professional business image

Many new small business owners find themselves to be on a tight budget and most of the time they are not experts in marketing. When you are starting a business you are excited but confused and nervous.  You find yourself very busy doing all sorts of things for your new business whether it may be registering the business name, completing a course, writing a business plan, finding your target market or applying for a loan. Somewhere in between everything else comes the business image and marketing materials and it can be a little overwhelming.


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Many entrepreneurs choose to design their own marketing materials when they launch their businesses, especially by creating their first business card. Or sometimes they will have an amateur designer, friend, or relative create the design or they buy a template and print the business cards on their own home printer. There are several reasons why this is not the best idea.


avoid designing your own logo, business card, website and other branding yourself and why a friend that is not a designer should not design it either.

The business will not look reputable – Prospective clients will not have confidence in dealing with the business, there will be no trust. If presentation is not good they will just turn away and go somewhere else. If they see an unprofessional logo and a business card printed on thin paper and cut with scissors they are not going to trust you.

The message that may end up conveying is that the business is very small –Large and successful businesses start with stable marketing materials starting from a unique image, their company logo. For example; IBM, Microsoft, coca-cola, puma they all have a professional business image that sends a very clear message to the customers, that they are trusting, large, professional, reputable, established and that it is not very likely for the company to disappear from one day to another.

Unprofessional and uncoordinated marketing materials can hurt your business image – Instead of selling you might actually be driving customers away and giving them to your competitors.

What is a brand?

The brand is the representation of the business, it represents the name, the locality, the products and services, the owners and everyone who will be a part of that business.


Bartel Law Branding by Logoland

Bartel Law Branding by Logoland


How important is it to have a professional brand or business identity?

A company logo is it’s credibility, professionalism, visibility and it’s the way that people will remember your company. The logoand marketing materials are marketing tools that you use to grab the attention of your target market. If they are good, well presented and well designed they will bring you many clients and at the end it will not only be a cost for your business but a great investment.  So remember it pays to pay for a professional company to design your logo and it is not as expensive as you might imagine.

Logoland Design is an Australian design company that provides businesses with quality and affordable design services.


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