Logo Design Process

The process into designing a logo includes a number of steps.  

To be able to design a professional logo a design company should have a procedure to follow in designing a professional logo for a client.  The main aim is to be organised and provide the client with a trouble free process.

Step 1- Creative brief

The creative brief is important to be able to determine the needs of the company including the target market, what their products and services are and any ideas that the client wants to share with the designers.  A good detailed creative brief that asks the right questions is important to be able to achieve a good logo design that suits the company it will represent.

It is also important for the client to provide useful information in regards to their company, their target market, their competitors and supply any images of logos or sketches of the kind of logos that appeal to them or that they think may be appropriate to the field they specialize in.  A professional logo design process should include a detailed creative brief that asks the questions needed to gather the correct information to be able to design the correct logo, research and analysis, procedures to achieve design work within certain time frames, order and organisation.

Step 2- Research and Analysis

We analyse the creative brief and research the company, including any contacts of websites provided, the competitors, the target market, the colors and descriptions of the clients ideas for the logo.  Any images or logos provided.  This is important to be able to determine what kind of image suits the company.  We make sure that their logo will not be the same to other logos and most importantly logos of companies that are in their industry or that offer the same product or service.

Step 3- Initial Design

The design begins and we design the initial concepts based on the information provided on the creative brief.  Sometimes we sketch the logo first if the logo is illustrative, otherwise we begin with the graphical design of the logo.  The designers design the initial concepts and then send them to the client for revision.   The client must review the concepts and decide on one of the concepts to continue with.  The client also sends any necessary feedback and states any modifications to be performed on that concept.


Editana logo design by Logoland



Step 4- Final Logo

The logo is modified until the final desired look is achieved.  The logo is then prepared for print and web and any other uses for the logo.  The logo is flattened and all type is set with created outlines.  The logo is then prepared in CMYK and RGB.  The CMYK file is also saved in pdf, eps, MS-Word, pct and any other necessary print ready files.  The RGB logo is prepared for the web and includes files such as jpg, gif and png.  The logo is also prepared in monochrome (Black & White) for non-color printing.  The main aim is to provide many file types including file types that clients may be more familiar with and provide various sizes for more choice of uses.



Editana logo design by Logoland


This article shows how a logo is modified and transformed during the design process

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