The Fundamentals of
An Effective Logo

1. Business Analysis

The logo design is the most important stage of your brand development. This is where the identity of your business is born. If the business logo is not properly designed this may affect the success of the business in future.

When starting your business it is crucial that as a business owner you evaluate the importance of having a solid brand created. This means that your brand is not just the logo on it’s own, it is your logo, website and all the marketing that comes with it. Once you understand that importance, ensure that you choose a designer that will take the time to research your company, its products/services, target market and industry.

Making a decision solely based on price and the time that the designer takes to design the concepts would be a huge mistake when the more important factors would be overlooked. It is best if one designer can be hired to create the logo and all other branding together to ensure consistency throughout.

2. Planning & Sketching

Planning and sketching before the graphic concepts are created is also crucial, this allows the designer to consider as many options as possible and therefore eliminating any unsuitable design options before they are created and sent to you.

The designer should analyse your creative brief, they should in fact provide you with a detailed creative brief to complete. Overall the designer should take the necessary time to evaluate the business and its needs.

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3. Creating the digital designs

If the designer is great and knows what they are doing they will take some important steps during the process of creating your logo design concepts in digital format.  They will ensure that the size of the logo’s fonts and graphics are proportionate, if more than one font is needed they will select fonts that compliment each other and if one font is chosen the font should look professional and suitably represent the company and what they do.

4. Finalising the Logo

The logo needs to be effective for every use, the designer would take important steps to ensure that the files provided are suitable for electronic as well as printing use. The finalising should leave you with a logo that is seamless, clean and error free that you can use on business cards, vehicles, billboards or websites.

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A great graphic design agency also provides you with a professional logo style guide that contains information about your logo’s fonts, colours used and any guidelines to follow. At Logoland Australia we do all this for you! and we provide innovative and effective design solutions.

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