This design blog was created by a professional graphic design company to create awareness of the importance of a professionally designed brand.  You can get free logos and you can find free logo makers (software that creates a logo for you).  But the two don’t compare.

A professionally designed brand will include – research, planning, sketching and professional graphical design creation by professionals that understand how a brand should look and why it should be designed in a certain way so that the business that the brand represents will be effective for that business.

It is important to be professional, promote trust, be memorable and most of all to have an effective brand.  You can save on your shopping, clothing, entertainment etc.

Why try to save on your brands appearance? don’t risk it, it may be more costly in future as you may not get the sales that you would have received with a professionally designed brand.

We hope that our design blog helps you learn a few things about logo design, brand design, branding, identity design, web design and more…

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