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FAQ’S below

Q1. How do I order my logo?

A. Compare our logo design packages. Select a package that suits your needs and budget and click the ‘start now’ button.

Q2. When do you start working on my project?

A. Depending on the time that you order, either early or late in the day we start working on your project on the same day or on the next business day of receiving your order as long as we have all the information needed and payment.

Q3. When can I see the first concepts?

A. It depends on the package ranging from 3-4 or 4-6 business days.

Q4. What are variations?

A. The variations are the modified versions of your chosen concept (logo) in a revision e.g. after revision 1.

Q5. What are concepts?

A. Concepts are an unfinished product. E.g. Like a concept car. The concepts are the logo ideas that are designed for you during the logo design process.

Q6. What are revisions?

A. Revisions are the modification requests that you can use to have your logo enhanced.

Q7. Do you claim the rights of created design?

A. You do, we only reserve the right to display logos on our portfolio and on a few other well known and trusted Portfolio websites such as Pinterest and Logo Lounge.

Q8. During the design process can I provide feedback for modifications via telephone?

A. For your own benefit and so that the project runs smoothly without misunderstandings it is best that you provide feedback via email, this way you have a record of the modifications that were requested and our designers can all have access to your requests when needed. Our design process has worked wonderfully for more than a decade.

Q9. What happens if I don’t like the concepts that are initially designed for me?

Although this hardly ever happens and you have unlimited revisions. If you don’t like the concepts and your creative brief was misunderstood by our team we will be glad to redesign the concepts if you don’t like any of them.

We are confident that we can provide a suitable logo design that you will love and we therefore provide a 100% satisfaction & money back guarantee logo design service.

To avoid this scenario ensure that you provide examples of logos that appeal to you to guide us in the right track and provide valuable information about your company, services etc.

We need to understand what you do to be able to design the perfect logo for your business.

Q10. Can I ask for my logo to be designed exactly like another logo?

A. We cannot copy other logos unless the logo belongs to you and you would like it enhanced or reproduced in high resolution Vector format.

Q11. How can I pay if I am overseas?

A. We accept overseas payments via PayPal, if you would like to discuss other payment methods please contact us.

Q12. I don’t live in Melbourne, can I still order your design services?

A. Yes our design services are available Australia-wide and Internationally.

Q13. Do you meet with clients or can I come to your office?

A. We run a hassle-free design service for the benefit of our clients you don’t need to come to our office or make appointments that can make the design process lengthy and stressing for you.

Because we have less overheads we can offer you better pricing compared to what other comparable design services would cost.

Order our packages online, receive the concepts and final files via email, conveniently provide all feedback via email and if you have any questions you can always call us.

Q14. How many designers design my logo?

A. It depends on the amount of work we have and the amount of designers available but to plan the designs a team of designers get together and provide input and their ideas based on the creative brief answers provided, then the graphics are created by one designer.

Q15. Are Vector files included?

A. Yes, we include the main source files that are in high resolution Vector format.


Q1. How do I order website?

A. Compare our packages by visiting our web packages page. Determine which package suits your needs and budget best and click the ‘start now’ button.

Q2. When do you start working on my project?

A. As soon as we receive your order and payment/proof of payment. Your project should be commenced on the same day or the next business day if your order is received late in the day or not during business hours.

Q3. When can I see my initial website?

A. After we receive your payment it will take approximately 4-6 working days before we present you with the first concepts of your website . You will be presented with two home pages in static format, meaning that it is not the developed website . We will ask you to select one home page design to continue with.

Q4. What are variations?

A. The variations are the modified versions of your chosen concept (logo) in a revision e.g. after revision 1.

Q5. What are concepts?

A. Concepts are the website ideas that our designers design for you during the design process, before one is chosen and developed into your final website

Q6. What are revisions?

A. Revisions are the modification requests that you can use to have your website enhanced.

Q7. Do you claim the rights of created design?

A. No we do not. All rights of the website purchased belong to our client. We maintain the right to display all websites on our web portfolio and other pages.

Q8. Can I provide feedback for modifications via telephone?

A. We have a policy in place that states that we must receive all feedback for modifications in writing via email for our design team to be able to take your requests formally. This includes the final approval, it must be in writing. During the process you will be able to contact us via telephone to ask questions that you may have.

Q9. If I am not satisfied with what you present to me during the initial stage can I ask for a refund?

A. We design website concepts based on what our designers find that is best suitable for your business, we research plan and design the concepts based on what we find will appeal to your target market and most importantly to be suitable for your brand including colours and fonts where possible.

If you are unsure if the concepts we provide on the initial revision are suitable, we will recommend that you conduct a little research and ask your target market what they think. Your potential customers should be the right people to guide through this initial process. We don’t provide a refund because we believe in end results.

Q10. Can I ask for my website to be designed exactly as another?

A. We cannot design a website that looks very similar to another due to copyrights, we recommend that you aim to have a unique website created for your company that other’s will look up to rather than compare as a copy of another.

Q11. If I am in a different country how can I pay for my website design?

A. Overseas payments are processed through PayPal or sometimes Internet banking.

Q12. Can you still provide me with your services if I don’t live in Melbourne or in Australia?

A. Yes, all our packages can be ordered via our website, we have logo, identity, website and complete packages available. You can easily select a package, complete our online creative brief and payment, the we will start your project either on the same day or the next business day.

Q13. Do you meet with clients or can I come to your office?

A. All our services are ordered online or via email if they are custom quotes . We work by communicating with clients via email and telephone, clients send us their feedback via email so that we can have written feedback to refer back to when needed.

If clients have questions we are here to help and we can be contacted via telephone. This keeps our overheads low meaning that we can keep the cost of our design services lower, by providing fixed pricing and no expensive per hour rates that are charged by other high end design companies.

Q14. Will my website be of high resolution?

A. Your website graphics will be designed in high resolution. The WordPress websites that we create include high resolution graphics that are web safe.  The images are saved in a fast loading resolution that looks great.

Q15. Do you provide images?

A. We source images for our clients , if preferred you can provide some of the images if the images need to be more specific.

Q16. What do I do if your packages do not suit my needs?

A. If our website design packages do not quite suit your needs due to any reason, e.g. I require more pages designed & developed, please contact us and discuss your needs with us.

Q17. Do you design and develop the website?

A. Our team designs the website for you from a premium WordPress theme that is customised for your business. We apply custom colours, images and graphics that suit your brand.

Q18. Do your services include domain name registration and website hosting?

A. Our services do not include domain name registration or website hosting, the client acquires this, meaning that you will have the copyright to your website and be able to access the files when you need to.

Q19. What type of web hosting do I require for a website designed by your team?

A. Linux web hosting, the most affordable and most reliable type of web hosting, ensure it includes PHP, My SQL and CPanel.   Suitable for WordPress.

Q20. Why should I worry about selecting a good web host?

A. It is crucial as the way your website operates will reflect on your business. If your website is down all the time or your email does not function it will not look good for you.

We complete a website, the client reviews it and approves all areas including the way it loads. When the same website is uploaded to your hosted server if it loads very slow it is probably is an issue from your hosts side.

If you want to change web host and have us upload the files to another host we will apply a fee for the additional service. We always design and develop websites with the intention that they load fast, this is a top priority and we always achieve this.

But the way the website functions after it is uploaded to your server can be influenced on how your hosts server is functioning. We test the functionality of every website once it is online and then released to you, there are rarely issues from our side, although if there are any issues from our side we will fix them immediately.

Q21. Can I upload the website myself or can someone else do it for me?

A. Our services include uploading and testing the websites effectiveness on the Internet, we upload it, test the website pages and enquiry form if included and if included we integrate the CMS (Content Management System) that we have an exclusive volume licensing for, so only we can upload it and install it. There are many factors to consider but overall we need to upload your website to ensure that our service is completed effectively.

Q22. When will you require the website written content and in which format?

A. We can commence your website and include sample content, sample text is in Latin.  Once the website design is completed you can choose to type the content into the relevant sections making it much easier for you to come up with the content for each section or paragraph.

Most of our clients prefer this from providing the content first because if they provide the content first they don’t have a clear vision of how the structure should be.

We recommend the best layout for each page so that the layout is perfect for your brand, your audience and what you offer.  All we need are the page names and a short description of what each page is about, then we start creating.

If you choose to provide the Written content it should be provided in MS Word format and with headings to where each set of content belongs e.g. the page names.

When content is provided we add the content once only, content must be checked for spelling and accuracy.

Q23. Can I edit my own website after it is completed?

A. Yes, all our website design packages include a website created using the WordPress Platform and a simple to use drag and drop content editor.

Q24. What areas can I edit using the CMS?

A. You will be able to easily update all areas of your website, including adding galleries, forms, slide shows and plug-ins additionally.

Q25. Can you tell me more about the CMS?

A. Yes, the WordPress CMS we include with the websites we create is one of the most widely used content editing sytems. You do not need to have any HTML knowledge to edit your website.

Q26. Will my website be search engine optimised?

A. The advantage of a WordPress website is that they are highly regarded by Google and other popular search engines. We apply standard SEO practices to every website that we create. This includes SEO within the website, it does not include URL optimisation like e.g. link building etc.


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