Here are the most
frequently asked

We have prepared a good amount of the most common FAQ’s that we have been asked throughout the many years that our graphic design company has been in operation, please read them below.

Q1. How do I order my logo?

A. Compare our logo design packages. Select a package that suits your needs and budget and click the ‘start now’ button.

Q2. When do you start working on my project?

A. Depending on the time that you order, either early or late in the day we start working on your project on the same day or on the next business day of receiving your order as long as we have all the information needed and payment.

Q3. When can I see the first concepts?

A. For the standard logo design package it’s 2 business days, extra logo design package it’s 3 business days and the ultra logo design package it’s 4 business days.

Q4. What are variations?

A. The variations are the modified versions of your chosen concept (logo) in a revision e.g. after revision 1.

Q5. What are concepts?

A. Concepts are an unfinished product. E.g. Like a concept car. The concepts are the logo ideas that are designed for you during the logo design process.

Q6. What are revisions?

A. Revisions are the modification requests that you can use to have your logo enhanced.

Q7. Who owns the copyright to the logo or any work you create?

A. You do, we only reserve the right to display logos on our portfolio and on a few other well known and trusted Portfolio websites such as Pinterest and Logo Lounge.

Q8. During the design process, can I provide feedback via phone?

A. For your own benefit and so that the project runs smoothly without misunderstandings it is best that you provide feedback via email, this way you have a record of the modifications that were requested and our designers can all have access to your requests when needed. Our design process has worked wonderfully for more than a decade.

Q9. What happens if I don’t like the initial concepts?

We are confident that we can provide a suitable logo design that you will love and we therefore provide a 100% satisfaction & money back guarantee logo design service.

But if you don’t like the concepts and for example; your creative brief was misunderstood by our team we will be glad to redesign the concepts if you don’t like any of them.

To avoid this situation ensure that you provide examples of logos that appeal to you to guide us in the right track and provide valuable information about your company, services etc.

We need to understand what you do to be able to design the perfect logo for your business.

Q10. Can I ask for my logo to be designed like another logo?

A. We cannot copy other logos unless the logo belongs to you and you would like it enhanced or reproduced in high resolution Vector format.

Q11. I don’t live in Melbourne, can I still order your services?

A. Yes our design services are available Australia-wide and Internationally.

Q12. Can I come to your office?

A. We run a hassle-free logo design service for the benefit of our clients you don’t need to come to our office or make appointments that can make the design process lengthy and stressing for you.

Because we have less overheads we can offer you better pricing compared to what other comparable design services would cost.

Order our packages online, receive the concepts and final files via email, conveniently provide all feedback via email and if you have any questions you can always call us.

Q13. How many designers will work on my logo?

A. It depends on the amount of work we have and the amount of designers available but to plan the designs a team of designers get together and provide input and their ideas based on the creative brief answers provided, then the graphics are created by one designer.

Q14. Are Vector files included?

A. Yes, we include the main source files that are in high resolution Vector format.

Q14. Can I pay in instalments?

A. Our services are paid in advance because the design stage is generally very short and most clients are so happy with the designs that we create that they approve a concept on revision one or two.  We offer a money back guarantee and full satisfaction.   Plus we offer unlimited revision packages, meaning that we design until you are 100% satisfied.  Your satisfaction and our reputation as an established graphic design agency are our number one priorities.


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