20+ Funny Advertising Ideas

Funny advertising, companies need to get their message across.  It is very difficult to get peoples attention, but when they see something they like or something funny and out of the ordinary it gets their attention.

Great visual images accompanied with smart and funny ideas can make a huge difference, almost everyone loves to laugh right?  so funny advertising prints, advertisements and commercials can make a companies product, service and even their brand stand out from others.  There are many marketing professionals but don’t you just love the one’s that have a great sense of humour?

In these days its not just about, there is so much competition that being different, funny, creative and smarter gets you a step further in business.

In this post, we’ve gathered  20 funny advertising ideas for your enjoyment, enjoy…

Get them off your dog by Frontline

dog flees advertisement

Energizer Batteries Uruguay Ad

Energizer funny ad

Olympus Binoculars

koala binoculars funny ads

Dental Implant Insurance

funny ads bowling dental insurance

Extremely long brush, extremely long lashes by Lashblast

funny ads lash blast mascara

Lance Burton Master Magician

funny ads magician case

Fits into tight spaces by Smart

funny ads smart shoehorn

Facial Recognition by Nikon Camera

nikon funny ad

Titanic and Lion King Movies by Toys ‘R’ Us

funny advertisements

toys r us ad lion king

It Feels like you’re Flying by VW

funny Advertising Volkswagen advertisement

Precision Trimmer by Braun

funny braun print ad featuring bird

King Kong by Tivibu

funny Tivibu king kong advertisement

High School Reunion by Avis

Avis ten year reunion ad

Without Grandma by Granny’s Fries

granny's fries without the granny funny ad

Did you mean? Battleship by Google

Google funny advertisement battleship sheep

These waters make things better by Boags

Very Funny Boag's beer Ad dog

Always first by DHL

Funny Ad of DHL

Irresistable Cat Food by Rutan

Cat food Rutan funny advertisement

Got Insurance? by Brosurance

health keg funny ad
It reads: got insurance? Keg-ER Not sure how I ended up here perched on top of this keg.  I could totally fall, but that’s OK.
My budget will stay balanced even if I don’t because I got insurance.  Now you can too.  thanks to obamacare!

Fish in a tank by Glassex

Very Funny Ad fish in a tank by Glassex

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