Brand Creation and Logo Design – How does it work?

When a business brand is developed this involves the design of the logo to begin with, as the logo is the most important part of the brand creation it is important that this is created first.

A common mistake that business owners make is that they choose to have their website or business cards designed first.  In fact since the logo is the identity of the business and the way the company identifies itself, the logo should be created before any other visual design is created.


Brand Creation and Logo Design – How does it work?


1. What does a brand involve?

A brand includes your logo, website, business cards, letterheads, with compliments slips (identity design) and any other visual designs such as flyers, signs, vehicle signage, brochures, uniforms, mouse pads to billboards.  Some companies even have a company wallpaper on their computers.  So your brand starts with the logo design which is the base of the brand but your logo alone is not a brand.

2. Who should design your logo?

A brand is built by having a distinctive, custom and unique logo designed by a professional design team.  A great brand cannot be achieved just by anyone, there are a large number of business owners that search for ways to design their own logo for free but this is a really bad idea.

Why is it a bad idea?

Because if you design your own logo for free on an online website, the logo will be a cheap template that thousands of other businesses will use and the logo will not be uniquely designed to suit your business name, your business values, your business products/services, target market and other important factors that a professional design team would consider when designing your brand.

3. Why should a graphic designer design my logo?

If a professional, qualified and experienced graphic designer designs your logo, they will ensure that the logo suits your business, they will also take the necessary steps to understand your company and what you do.  A great graphic designer will not just join some letters and choose a colour and say ‘here’s your logo’.  Any graphic designer that you consider should have a professional portfolio that shows that they are creative and that they can design high-end brands.

A professional graphic designer will ensure that they understand exactly what your business needs, usually this information is acquired by a creative brief that is provided by the design agency.

The design process involves various important tasks, not just typing a the name, choosing the fonts and the colours.

Business Analysis – The designer analyses the business and it’s needs, discovering the company’s values, needs, services, products, clients/customers, industry, location and goals.  Knowing who the logo will be targeting will ensure that the logo will appeal to that audience.

Research – The designer researches the company’s competitors, ensuring that the logo they create is unique, better and distinctive.

Planning – The designer plans, the design by looking at ways that they can best create the logo design, ensuring that the logo will appeal to the company and their audience.

Sketching – The sketches or draft designs are created, this process ensures that no time is wasted and that every option is considered.

Creating the digital designs – The graphic designer will ensure that the logo is perfect for the business, that it communicates a message and that it is appealing, unique and distinctive.  In this stage the designs are determined and the designer will have a clear idea of how the designs should look, this the stage that the designs, ideas and planning is brought to life.  The designer chooses the fonts, colours, positions the fonts, tagline if applicable and icon or emblem perfectly.

Finalising and refining the designs – After the logo concepts are presented the designer will allow you to revise the concepts and ask for various modifications to be made to the concepts, once you are happy with one of the designs the designer will ensure that the logo is finalised correctly for professional printing and for electronic use.  Ensuring that the logo files can be used at any size and for any use.

If you designed your own logo, could you do all this? Plus that is not all.  The designer must also discover how the application of the brand will work on a website, on a billboard, business card, stationery, flyers, signs and more.  This will ensure that when the logo is used in all branding it will work perfectly throughout any visual marketing used.

4. How can your business benefit from having a professional brand created?

A professional brand that is complete and consistent is most likely to be an investment to your company.  A professionally designed brand package is consistent, inspirational, appealing and distinctive and if it communicates who your company is, what your company’s products and services are and what your business values are.

With a complete brand your company will create appeal and greatly assist your company into standing out in the market, creating great competitive advantage.  No matter what size your business is, it is important to present your business in a professional way.  Never undervalue your business, always look at corporate companies as an example and learn from the big guys!

Remember that a professional brand not only includes a logo but also would include business cards, letterheads, envelopes other identity design and a professional and unique website that looks and performs well.  Get a complete brand designed and start getting rewarded for your great efforts.

See! it’s not only about designing a logo, but an effective brand that will represent your company and everything it does!

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