Different Logo Design Styles

Different Logo Design Styles – Which logo style should you choose for your business?

Depending on who designs your logo, you may be able to outline which style you prefer or you can leave this up to your logo designer.  If you don’t really know what the main logo design styles are or how to tell the difference, below is a guide to different logo design styles and some suggestions as to which styles fit which type of businesses.

1. WordMark Logo Design Style


Different Logo Design Styles


WordMark logo’s are made up of text only, no graphic images are included.  WordMark logos or text only logos work best when the wording is distinctive and memorable, see the WordMark version of the Mc Donald’s logo above as one example where the WordMark style works perfectly.  Other examples can be the Google logo, Phillips and Samsung, FedEx.

Which businesses can use WordMark style Logos?

Text only logos can be used by many companies including – brand’s like Electronics brand manufacturers e.g. Sony.  Photographers that want to place a simple logo on top of their photos and not take the attention away from the photo with a big and chunky logo.  Posh hair salons and many more.

2. LetterMark Logo Design Style


Different Logo Design Styles


LetterMark logo’s are made up of text and a simple initial belonging to the business name.  LetterMark logos are perfectly simple logos, they usually include the business name or a slogan like the above Mc Donald’s logo.  Other examples of professional LetterMark type logos are Chanel, Calvin Kline and Louis Vuitton.

Which businesses can use WordMark style Logos?

There are many businesses that can use Lettermark logos but most commonly they are used by perfume brands, clothing brands, lawyers, accountants, consultants and finance companies.

3. Combination Logo Design Style

Different Logo Design Styles


Combination style logos are made up of text and a graphic symbol that goes together with the text or most commonly the business name.  Combination mark logos are the most popular style of logos, they convey a message through the symbol.  Some famous examples of Combination style logos are Nike, Puma and Pepsi.

Which businesses can use WordMark style Logos?

There are many businesses that can benefit from Combination style logo design and they are electricians, builder, mechanic, bakeries, IT companies and many other companies that want to show a glimpse of why they do through a symbol.

What is the purpose of a logo’s symbol?

It is important to remember that a logo is not an advertisement, therefore the business does not need to show every service they provide through via the logo.  It is very common to see business logos that are too busy, too cliche and cheap looking. Their are also other business logos that do not have a meaning, for example you may see a plumbing business with a swoosh logo and cheap text that does not represent anything that the company does through the logo will make the business look like another type of business, e.g. a sports business or personal training or coaching business.

A logo that has no meaning or connection to the business will not be memorable to the customers as it does not relate at all to the business and therefore does not make a connection.

4. BrandMark Logo Design Style

Different Logo Design Styles
BrandMark logos are a symbol only logo, no text is included.  At most times BrandMarks are part of Combination style logos but the symbol is separated and used on its own. This is used by many companies and examples are – Apple, Nike, Mc Donald’s and Windows.

Which businesses can use WordMark style Logos?

Companies that sell electronics usually use BrandMark styles can be used by any business that has a combination logo or by business that don’t need to have text on their logo.

5. Emblem Style Logo Design

Modern Vintage Logos that Inspire

Emblem style logos are logos such as Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Starbucks and Harley Davidson.  Emblem style logos work well when they are designed correctly, if not these type of logos can end up looking messy and unprofessional.  The example above shows a vintage style logo that was designed using the emblem style.

Which businesses can use WordMark style Logos?

Companies that use Emblem style logos are car manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers, cafes, restaurants and many other businesses.

Does this show you what type of style is right for your business?

We hope it does help you as it is important to have the right logo when you have a business if you want to succeed.

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